All You Need to Know About Taking a Scalpel-Free Vasectomy Procedure

A scalpel-free vasectomy is a popular non-invasive male sterilization procedure for men who want to impregnate their wives or partners during sexual intercourse. The treatment involves cutting off the two vas deferens tubes, which are found within the scrotum. This prevents the sperm from entering the semen when they ejaculate during sexual intercourse.

Requirements for undergoing a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure

To undergo a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure, you first need to search the Internet for medical clinics which perform the treatment. You ought to select clinics having a good market reputation, as evident from their official websites’ online customer reviews. Then, you need to select one near your locality and book an appointment to meet one of their urologists. This medical specialist will give a preliminary medical examination during the consultation session and inquire about your general health and current medications. The urologist will ensure you meet the following conditions before performing the procedure:

  • Above 18 years,
  • Is married and have the consent of the wife,
  • Does not have any serious infection, and
  • Have not undergone any previous sterilization procedure.

How to prepare?

The medical specialist will prescribe certain supplements which you have to take for the next two days. The urologist will then instruct you to avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medicines for the next 48 hours prior to the procedure. You also need to shave off all of the public hair surrounding the scrotum. On the day of the procedure, you should wear comfortable clothes and arrange for someone to drive you home.

During the procedure

On the day of scalpel-free vasectomy procedure, a nurse will accompany you to the urologist’s chamber. The urologist will administer a local anesthetic in the scrotum to numb the groin. The medical specialist will proceed to feel the vas deferens tubes and hold them in place with a special clamp. He will use a needle-like implement to poke a hole in the scrotum and extract the vas deferens tubes to cut them. Finally, the urologist will go on stitch-up the ends of each of vas deferens tubes mild electrical pulse.


After completing the procedure, the urologist will prescribe some painkillers to take. For the next 36 hours, you need to place an ice pack on the groin to reduce the swelling and bleeding.  During this period, you avoid any heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and sexual intercourse. You also need to take a shower every day and carefully dry the scrotum area with a damp towel. You might feel uncomfortable for a few days and have trouble urinating. However, this discomfort will soon disappear. Only in rare circumstances will you notice a lump on your testicle known as sperm granuloma. Then, you need to see your urologist.

Scalpel-free vasectomy is an ideal procedure If you do not want to father more children. However, you need to ensure the urologist performing the treatment has relevant experience and board certification to perform the treatment. Above all, the medical specialist should have a track record of conducting the procedure safely and successfully.

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