Cannabis Dosage Basics: Best Practices for Consumption

In the last few years, cannabis has been legalized in more and more places. This is because of how much people have come to understand what this plant can do for them medically. There are so many ways that cannabis can help someone with a health condition or just provide relief from pain or anxiety. However, there’s also a lot that you don’t know about it if you’re new to using it recreationally or medicinally! In this blog post, we’ll talk about some dosage basics as well as best practices for consumption to ensure your experience is safe and pleasant.

Cannabis Dosage Basics

In order to ensure your dosage is right, it’s important to understand what you’re consuming. Cannabis comes from the cannabis plant and there are a lot of different varieties that have been cultivated over time for all kinds of uses. Each variety has its own chemical makeup which provides unique effects. It’s therefore very important to know what kind of cannabis you’re using before making a purchase.

There are many ways that cannabis can be consumed, however the most popular ones include smoking, vaping and ingesting oils or edibles. Each way has its own pros and cons when it comes to dosage, so we’ll go over these in detail. The primary active cannabinoid in cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and the cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol) also has some healing properties in certain cases.

Medical marijuana has its own rules of medication dosage. It can vary from patient to patient according to age, weight and medical condition. As a rule of thumb however, you can start by taking a small dose first (like an edible) and then waiting for about two hours before deciding if you need another one or not. Then consult with your doctor after that point on how much more you should use. Without proper consultation, you can end up using too much and that’s not good for your health.

Best Practices for Consumption

When ingesting your cannabis, you’ll need to know how much of it will give you a desired dosage. The most common way that people measure their dosage is by using milligrams (mg). One mg is the equivalent of one drop of cannabis oil. There are many cannabis providers available in legal provinces and countries, but is worth mentioning in Mississauga and the GTA, Ontario. When you’re starting out, it’s best to begin with a low dose and work your way up as needed.  Don’t use an entire cartridge or edible at once! You’ll regret this if you do because you don’t want to have that much THC in your system at once. This will help you find the right dosage for you and prevent any adverse effects from occurring.

Smoking or vaping cannabis is one of the most efficient ways to consume it. When you smoke or vape, the THC and CBD are absorbed immediately into your bloodstream and provide almost instantaneous effects. This makes it easier to titrate your dosage as you can feel the effects very quickly. The downside to smoking and vaping is that you also inhale all of the harmful chemicals that are present in cannabis smoke such as tar and carcinogens.

Oils and edibles are another way to consume cannabis, and they provide longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaping. When you ingest an oil or eat an edible, the THC and CBD are absorbed through your digestive system, and it can take up to two hours for the effects to be felt. This also means that it’s harder to determine the right dose as you may eat more than is necessary and end up feeling too high or sick from an overdose.

Now that you understand the basics of cannabis dosages, it’s time to put this into practice! Remember to always start low and go slow when trying a new form or dosage of cannabis. And as always, consult with your doctor before using medical marijuana if you have any questions or concerns.

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