How to Increase Muscle Mass and Strength By Using Super Sustanon 400 mg

What is Super sustanon 400 mg and androgenic steroids?

Super sustanon 400 mg or more properly known as Anabolic Androgenic Steroids, is a synthetic derivative of the naturally occurring hormone testosterone. Classified as hormones they are anabolic and androgenic in nature. The primary purpose of steroids is to enhance performance or physique.

In bodybuilding circles its common belief that using steroids will produce faster rates of muscle growth and greater strength increases due to a combination of factors.

This has to do with the androgenic effects, the ability of steroids to build muscle tissue and due to this provide a more anabolic environment. There is also a belief that as steroids aromatize (convert) into estrogenic they promote greater growth as estrogen enhances growth in strength and size. However, none of these beliefs are true; not to the degree that folklore would suggest. It simply isn’t true, if it were there wouldn’t be nearly so many questions concerning steroids use from so many people looking to use them. Very few men have anything good to say about using steroids, and unfortunately most of what they know is nothing more than a collection of inaccuracies.

The fact is that due to the androgenic properties of steroids they will promote a more anabolic environment. As estrogen has a negative effect on strength and a catabolic affect, as a steroid aromatizes it will do this as well. When we look at these actions together it is easy to see why so many people think using steroids will make them bigger and stronger.

The truth is that all anabolic steroids produce these effects, which in turn promote muscle growth and strength increases. Some steroids will do so at a greater rate than others but the fact remains they all possess this ability to one degree or another. It also doesn’t matter what form of steroid we use; oral, injectable, it matters not. It is the steroid and its anabolic and androgenic properties that do this, pure and simple.

So, what of those who think steroids produce greater growth as estrogen promotes growth? This simply isn’t so; in fact, it’s a myth. Of course, some steroids will aromatize to a degree but the majority of them actually reduce estrogenic activity, and this includes even the most readily aromatizing steroid known to man.

For example, we can look at such steroids as Diana Bol or Anadrol 50, these are by far the most readily aromatizing steroids known to man but what does actually happen? It is simply not true that they promote massive levels of estrogenic activity, in fact the opposite is true. Both of these steroids produce a much lower estrogenic effect than most oral steroids and for a very simple reason. They possess a -9 anabolic rating this essentially means that the type 2 5a-reductase enzyme will not be able to convert these steroids into estrogen.

This inability to form estrogen is brought about by the fact that these steroids are not substrates for this enzyme, meaning they will not be able to bind with it and be converted. It also means they can’t promote an estrogenic affect, in-fact some studies have shown such steroids as Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) to reduce total serum estrogen levels by roughly 33% in just 24 days.

As you can see, they promote the opposite affect than many believe they do and this is true of all steroids that produce a strong anabolic effect; testosterone, nandrolone, oxymetholone etc., they all reduce estrogenic activity. This fact alone makes it difficult to understand why there is so much belief in this myth surrounding the ability of steroids to promote greater growth due to estrogen.

But what about those steroids like Primobolan (methenolone) and Winstrol (Stanozolol), both anabolic steroid that form little or no estrogen? How can we claim they will not produce muscle growth then if it is only the estrogenic affect that promotes growth?

How then do we explain such steroids producing little to no effect on muscle growth or strength? There are numerous ways, both positive and negative. For example, such steroids as Primobolan and Winstrol will produce a lower anabolic/androgenic affect than most other forms of testosterone. This would mean a lower ability to promote growth.

But there is also the fact that these steroids have so little estrogenic activity, if any at all, they can do very little in this area as well. This tells us that there must be another mechanism behind their action, and there is. Those who have used it will no doubt understand this action and it is none other than the androgenic affect.

The androgenic activity of such steroids as Primobolan and Winstrol is very high, higher in many cases than most testosterone esters. This will promote a much more pronounced strength increase than that brought about by their low estrogenic nature. It would also promote a pronounced increase in the rate of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.

The combined effect of this increased strength, along with an enhanced level of protein synthesis will promote a very solid growth promoting affect. The net result would be greater gains than can be achieved through the use of other steroids that possess less pronounced androgenic activity but higher estrogenic activity; such as Anadrol 50.

As you can see the myth that only estrogen will promote growth is in fact not true at all; it’s far more complex than this; with numerous factors playing a role. The overall anabolic effect will be direct result of the combined effects of its androgenic, as well as its estrogenic activity.

The higher the anabolic/androgenic affect, the greater growth promoting effect.

But what of those steroids that possess little or no androgenic activity? How can they promote any sort of size increase when they cannot even promote an increased rate of protein synthesis? Again, we need to look beyond simple cause and effect to see how they work.

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