5 Best Food Brand For New Born Baby

Motherhood is full of turmoil, efforts, and worries. But undeniably, it is also full of wonders. The soft little mouth accustomed to only breastfeeding can now eat real food. Talking about real food, you need to worry about food brands since it is now time to wean your baby. 

Doctors suggest breastfeeding for six months after birth. But in some cases, the babies can eat solid foods by 4 to 5 months. But we always recommend you consult with the pediatrician before giving your baby any real food.

Choosing the right baby food, baby massage oil, and other baby care essentials is difficult. Most commercial baby care products and foods are unhealthy, and it is also tough to find the best product with all different versions of baby food. So, we have also discussed how you can choose baby food.  

How To Choose Baby Food?

When choosing baby food, you need to opt for food with only one ingredient. If you buy commercial foods, you will see 1, 2, 3 labels in the food packet. The Packets are labeled based on the number of ingredients and the texture of the food. 

Typically the earliest food that your baby consumes has only a single ingredient, and it has the smoothest texture. Homemade foods for newborn babies include foods like oatmeals, cereals, and sometimes veggies and chicken soups.

But, if you are looking for only branded foods, you can go through the list that we have gathered for you. In this article, we have gathered a list of five baby food brands that will help you choose the best for your baby. 

5 Best Baby Food Brands

Many baby foods are available from some of the most trusted brands that use only organic ingredients. We have listed only the best baby food brands after discussing them with the pediatricians and the doctors. So here are the five best baby food brands you have been waiting for. 

Tiny Spoons

Tiny spoons make baby foods out of different fruits and vegetables. The key ingredients of the baby foods are carefully handpicked from the farms in the European Union. 

The foods do not need refrigerating unless you open the pouch. Once you open the pouch, you need to feed the baby as soon as possible. 

You can refrigerate the pouch after opening it for another use. But make sure you are using it within 24 hours. Since the food has no preservatives, we recommend using the Tiny Spoons baby food. 

The foods are usually pureed with a delicious blend of palm and prune. They contain necessary nutrients and vitamins like Vitamin B, C, K, minerals, potassium, carb, etc. 

Gerber Organic Baby Food

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but Gerber’s baby foods are healthy and tasty as they specialize in making baby foods out of veggies and fruits. Gerber makes baby foods in stage one and stage two variants. 

The two categories of Garber’s baby foods consist of stage one, which is formula-based, and stage two, organic baby food.

Gerber Good Start is the only milk-based baby food product line of the brand. The products of this brand are available on the website of the brand. 

First Solid

First Solid is known for making cent percent natural baby foods that are homemade and organic. The best thing about these baby foods is that they don’t have any do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, salt sugars, etc.

In short, they are healthy and harmless. The foods are made in a healthy and hygienic environment. You can trust First Solid baby foods to provide your baby with their most required nutrition. 

Some of their best products include-

  • First Solids Organic Wheat with Dhal Cereal 
  • First Solids Organic Sprouted Ragi
  • First Solids Organic Sprouted Ragi & Rice Combo Pack
  • First Solids Dry Nuts Powder

Nestle Cerelac

Nestle is known for developing a wide range of products for hastening the growth of your little baby bun. Cerelac is a popular name in the baby food industry. Nestle has been catering to the baby food industry for a long time now, and they have a number of products under Cerelac. 

Cerelac baby foods are nutritious, and they make puree-based foods with different fruit extracts to provide the best test with assured nutrition. 


Happa makes baby foods for different stages of your baby’s growth. They make the yummiest nutritious puree pouches for your babies. Parents love this brand because the babies enjoy the taste of Happa. Happa has a range of organic products like-

  • Happa Organic Apple Puree Stage 1 Baby Food.
  • Happa Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Mixed Fruit Variety.

Bottom Line

A mother goes through one research after another. They have to look for the baby’s skin care products, baby foods, baby clothes, and many more. But We try to make it easy for them. This article will help a new mother with only the best baby food alternatives for her to choose the best for her little angel.

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