5 Dental Problems That Require Immediate Treatment by An Emergency Dentist in Clinton

Oral health problems deserve attention, and you should not neglect to visit a dentist for them. However, some dental issues need immediate attention from an emergency dentist so that you can get treated properly. You should neglect such issues as they might cause a lot of problems later on.

When should you consult an emergency dentist in Clinton?

Some dental issues need special attention from the pain and the discomfort you experience. The following are five issues where you need to consult an emergency dentist in Clinton:

  1. Broken or loose teeth-The teeth of an adult should be set in place rigidly, and if you have loose teeth with pain, you should immediately consult an emergency dentist. This issue is a sign of dental cavities, gum infections, or even both. Injuries might take place because of physical trauma that can break or even knock the teeth out, resulting in severe pain. For any teeth that have been knocked out, preserve them in milk before you bring teeth for reinsertion.

  1. Unexplained or extreme toothache-Any minor toothache might not be a sign of any urgent problem. There could be signs of extreme pain that could mean you have a serious gum infection, cavities, or abscessed teeth. Any infection will lead to concerns like fever, swelling in your gums or in the mouth, or any sort of pain that radiates to the ear or the neck. This is very serious and calls for immediate dental care at the earliest.

  1. Bleeding gums-After flossing, if you see signs of a little blood, this is not a cause for concern; however, continuous and excessive bleeding is a red flag, especially if it is accompanied by pain or swelling. This could possibly be an indication of a deteriorating gum disease that can later aggravate into serious periodontitis if it is unchecked.

  1. Metallic taste in your mouth- You must consult an emergency dentist when you have a metallic taste in the mouth. This symptom means that an old crown or a filling has become cracked or loose, and some problems enhance the risks of infection and dental cavities. In case you overlook the problem and wait too long, you will land up getting a root canal.

  1. There is pus between the teeth- If you see pus in between your teeth, it is a sign of periodontal infection. If left untreated, this destroys the tissue and even the bone leading to a loss of teeth and the appearance of the longer teeth due to gum recession.

When it comes to choosing a good dentist in Clinton for your emergency needs, make sure you check the doctor’s reviews and patient testimonials. Good dentists are compassionate, and they make you feel comfortable when it comes to any dental procedure. When the emergency procedure is over, make sure you follow up with your medicines and home care correctly so that your teeth heal fast and you can get back to normal oral habits with success.


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