8 Covid Vaccine Slot Finder App In India

Right after the Indian government opened up vaccination for citizens over the age of eighteen, getting slots turned into a major ordeal in all the cities and towns. Though the registrations opened up on 27th April, most people didn’t get their OTPs to register on the app – forget scheduling a vaccination appointment. Though things got better eventually, there is still a major crisis going on for the vaccination slots. In order to help you avert all that hassle, here are the names of eight useful vaccine slot finder apps.

1. Bajaj Finserv Health App 

If you want to make vaccine slot booking easier, your best bet is to download Bajaj Finserv Health App. The app will notify you whenever there is a slot open nearby. The best part is that it is a multipurpose app when it comes to your healthcare needs. It takes care of your other medical needs, such as scheduling doctor appointments, insurance reminders, and so on.

2. Paytm 

Paytm, the digital payment giant, has recently launched their Covid-19 Vaccine Finder’ feature. It is integrated in the app to let the citizens know about the availability of vaccine slots for a particular date. You will find this tool in the mini-app store of Paytm that was introduced in 2020.

You will have to enter your district name or postal codes and choose the age group. If you see that none of the slots are available in your area, click on the option that says ‘notify me when slots are available’ to receive real-time notifications.

3. Facebook

Facebook, the global tech giant, has partnered up with the government of India to launch the vaccine slot notifier that will help you locate the vaccination spots nearby on the mobile app and website of the platform. This efficient tool is going to let the users find out the nearest vaccination centers and their time of operation, as mentioned by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW).

An interesting feature of this tracker is that it also aggregates walk-in vaccine options for the ones over 45 years, alongside a link for direct registration on the CoWin portal and scheduling your vaccination appointment.

4. HealthifyMe 

HealthifyMe is a health-tech startup based in Bengaluru. It has launched the new platform that utilizes the CoWin API to look for vaccination slots. The platform is easy to use because it has the same location, age, and vaccine type (Covaxin or Covishield) filters. You can access this site through your smartphone or on the web, though it is better to keep the app on your phone because you will get notifications when a lot near you becomes available.

5. Signzy 

Signzy is another tech company that is based in Bengaluru and has a solution let users receive notifications about the vaccination slots present nearby. You can either go on the platform to look for the available slots or subscribe to receive notifications by sharing details like postal code, birth year, email address, and contact number (optional).


Renowned programmer, Berty Thomas, has come up with this amazing website named It helps everyone aged between 18 and 44 find vaccination slots near their location. At present, the site directs its users to rely on a Telegram channel for live updates, as the official CoWin APIs are now limited by the Indian government. The good news is that Telegram channels are meant for every district. So, for example, anyone staying in South Delhi gets directed to the ‘U45 South Delhi’ telegram channel.


Shyam Sunder, an alumnus of Indian School of Business, and a couple of his friends have developed the website known as It aims to help the users receive alerts whenever there are vaccination slots available near their location. You will only have to sign up by using your email ID, name, and district to get email notifications.

8. is one more platform to help you get alerts on the availability of vaccine slots nearby. This vaccine slot alert app uses CoWIN APIs to let users search by postal codes or districts to locate the slots open near them.

Download any of these apps today and get your first jab!

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