A beginner’s guide to running

You would think exercise doesn’t come easier than running. Surely, there is nothing complicated in this simple act of, well, running. It is something that you did as a child, and so, it cannot be something convoluted. Well, you are thinking wrong.

The art of running

Even though running does not take much other than good shoes –they are key –and space to run at, you should still not go into it ill-prepared.

Without safety measures and warmup, your chances of injury and hence booking an appointment with the best orthopedic doctor in Lahore run –no pun intended –higher.

When done right, running can be liberating and invigorating. You feel powerful as the wind courses through your hair. You gain more respect for your body as you build endurance. It also allows you to run marathons, and when these events are for charity and similar good causes, it also feels very satisfactory as well.

Running is also a powerful act that is done in solitude. Sure, you can jog with a person, but when you are running, you are simply concentrating on your body, your breathing, and pushing yourself further. When your body allows itself to be pushed and aligned with your goals, it helps you improve your notions about yourself.

Furthermore, running is great for your health as well. Alongside providing clarity that aids in your mental health, running also makes your heart stronger. It helps with better blood supply. It also burns more calories, which helps in preventing obesity, and the plethora of problems that it brings.

Tips for running

If you want to take up running, you absolutely should. However, as a beginner, do not go into the process ill-prepared. Some tips to take-up include:


Make sure to grab a small carbohydrate-rich bite to eat. Your body needs this energy to run, but don’t eat a meal!

Pay attention to your posture

Your posture matters also when running. So, make sure that your body is upright, your shoulders are not stooping, you head is in neutral position.

Hunching shoulders might cause problems with breathing, so be careful about your form.

Running gear

Make sure to invest in high quality shoe that feel comfortable in your feet. Similarly, do not miss out on socks; try to opt for breathable socks that help in moving moisture away from your feet, so you don’t get athlete’s foot. Also, have your water supply in handy.

Training time

Your body needs time to recuperate, so it is not suggested that you run daily. Try to limit it to every other day. Similarly, try to limit the running time in the beginning as well; 20 to 30 minutes should suffice. As a beginner, it might be the best that you can do, and you should not over-exert yourself anyways; it may be that the fatigue deters you from pursuing running.

Try the run-walk method

As the name also suggests, this method entails that you start walking in-between running. You can compare this practice to interval training, whereby you take breaks after few intervals of high-intensity training.

It is recommended that beginners walk for around a minute or two, and then sprint for 30 seconds. Once you have improved your shape and form, you can then increase your running time.

Ask your doctor

Last but not the least, an important thing is to get clearance from your doctor first, especially if you are older or have been sedentary for longer. It may be that you first need to take up exercise to build stamina and endurance before you can take up something as strenuous as exercise, or it may also be that you have some medical condition in which running is not recommended.Therefore, if you have problems like diabetes, hypertension, or have sustained injury before, consult the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi first before starting your training. 

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