A guide to recovery after blepharoplasty surgery

Eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty, is a common treatment for droopy eyelids. Certainly, with age, the human body faces significant changes, and so does the eye area. As you get old, the eyes stretch, and the eyelid muscles also weaken. Consequently, there would build excess fat deposits, causing your upper eyelids to limp, making your eyes look saggy, and making bags under the eyes. Saggy and droopy eyes are not only a cosmetic concern, but they may also interfere with your vision causing difficulty in opening your full eye. If you are facing a similar or related situation, you must check for blepharoplasty in Lahore. As the eye area is quite sensitive, the major concern about the surgery is recovery after blepharoplasty. 

Preparation for Blepharoplasty

Before recommending the surgery, your plastic surgeon, along with an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon, conducts a keen diagnosis of your eye condition. The diagnosis includes the following:

  • A check of medical histories such as any previous surgery experience, glaucoma, circulatory issues, vitamins, dry eyes, thyroid issues, and diabetes. Furthermore, your doctor would also be interested in knowing if you take any medications such as vitamins, supplements, alcohol, etc.
  • Physical examination includes a check on tear production and measuring the eyelids.
  • Most importantly, the eye doctor examines your eyes to check your vision, especially peripheral vision. It is important because you would need to claim your insurance.
  • Lastly, for the best eyelid treatment in Lahore, the doctors will photograph your eyes from different angles to plan the surgery. Furthermore, it also makes an important document to support your insurance claim denoting the long-term effects of recovery after blepharoplasty. 

Blepharoplasty surgical procedure

The surgery proceeds in the outpatient setting, and it proceeds with injecting the medication into the eyelids for numbing. Firstly, the surgeon treats the upper lid, cuts through the natural crease, and removes excess skin, fat, and muscles. Then, for the lower lid, the surgeon cuts through the natural crease just beneath the lashes. Finally, the surgeon removes the excess fat or redistributes it, removes the excess skin & muscles, and closes the cut. However, if your upper eyelids droop down to the pupil, best plastic surgeon in Lahore would go for ptosis surgery to provide extra support to the muscles of the eyebrows.

Whatever the surgery procedure is, the surgery procedure, recovery, and what to expect in the long term are always the main concerns for everyone. Covering the initials, here is a detailed overview of what you should be expecting for recovery after blepharoplasty.

Recovery from eyelid surgery 

You might certainly be scared when you wake up after your surgery because, most probably, your vision would be blurry. However, this is not something you should be worried about. Often, this is due to the heavy antibiotic ointment to keep it from drying. Well, the recovery time, on the whole, depends upon certain factors lined up in the following.

  • Patient’s age
  • Skin quality
  • Color of the skin
  • The tendency of your body to swell and bruise
  • Your capacity for pain tolerance
  • Type of blepharoplasties such as an upper lid or lower lid
  • Any additional procedures are undertaken along with blepharoplasty

Undoubtedly, all these factors play a significant role in the recovery after blepharoplasty. However, it is not the same for all. Therefore, we have broken down the recovery procedure in the following.

Bruising & Pain  

Well, if you wonder if there’d be any bruising, that’s quite basic. Post-surgery, minor to moderate bruising and swelling are normal. However, the extent directly depends upon the doctor. Hence, you must check to get the best eyelid treatment in Lahore from Dr. Mustehsan.

If you happen to get quality upper eyelid blepharoplasty in Lahore, the bruises will disappear within 1 to 2 weeks. However, if you have both your upper and lower eyelid done, it may take up to 2 to 4 weeks for recovery.

Furthermore, the best blepharoplasty treatment in Lahore leaves you with slight to no pain, and the recovery is quite easy if handled properly. If there were any, it would be very mild and easily manageable with painkillers.

The first week

During the first week of recovery after blepharoplasty, swollen and puffy eyes with pink & conspicuous incision lines are completely normal. However, you must avoid strenuous activities and the ones that make your eyes dry. These activities may include spending too much screen time, going out in sunlight, using contact lenses, etc.

Two weeks

The speed of the recovery process is all dependent on how quickly your body heals. Within two weeks, you will be able to get back to your routine. However, some people still have some bruising or swelling at this point.

Moreover, the best blepharoplasty treatment in Lahore allows you to resume driving, going out with your shades on, light makeup, and using the contact lenses by two weeks after surgery.

Full recovery 

Undoubtedly, you must be eager to know when it would be possible to have a full recovery after blepharoplasty. Well, you can evidence the final results of your eyelid surgery within six weeks after the surgery. However, as the eyelid muscles would still be adjusting, there may still be minor swelling, and the incision line would be slightly pink for about six months.  

However, it would surely have a nicer, younger, and playful look, and if you seek so, cosmeticoplasty is your place to go.

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