Cletus Georges MD Offers Tips to Keep The Bladder Healthy

Bladder is a hollow organ that holds urine from the kidneys. While it is an important organ of the human body, most people do not think about it until they suffer from any problems associated with it. Certain problems affecting the bladder can cause urine leakage at unwanted times and even painful urination. In these situations, an experienced urologist like Cletus Georges MD must be consulted.  However, in order to reduce the risk of any such issues, people must adopt certain lifestyle changes that help ensure that the bladder keeps doing its job effectively.

Urology problems can affect people of any age. However, they are more common in adulthood. There are many types urological problems a person can face, starting from urinary tract infections and urinary incontinence to kidneys tones and erectile dysfunction. Having a healthy bladder is an important aspect of avoiding urological problems. Here are a few tips that can help in keeping the bladder healthy:

  • Urinate completely to avoid urinary tract infections:  Women are particularly prone to urinary tract infections, which can also involve the balder. One of the important ways to reduce the risk of this condition is to urinate completely. If a person tightens their muscles for the purpose of stopping urinating too soon, the urine that did not quite escape will again head back to the bladder, while bringing bacteria into the system.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to flush out bacteria but do not overdo it: Drinking plenty of water is important for every person. One should ideally drink about six to eight glasses of water on a daily basis. This will help in flushing bacteria out of the urinary tract, and subsequently prevent bladder infections. However, like anything else in life, a certain level of balance has to be maintained here. If a person is bothered by the constant need to empty their bladder after drinking a lot of fluids the whole day, it is important to cut back on its intake. Avoiding caffeinated sodas and coffee is also advised, as they make people urinate more.
  • Walk regularly to avoid retaining fluids:  People who lead a sedentary lifestyle or suffer from heart disease might develop fluid in their legs during the day. This fluid will cause them to need to empty their bladders frequently at night. If a person has fluid retention in the legs that causes an active bladder overnight, they need to try walking around more throughout the day. If they are not able to do so, they can at least try to flex their calf muscles and raise the legs to waist level.

In addition to following the pointers mentioned above, people must also avoid tobacco to help prevent bladder cancer. Smokers are at least three times as likely to get bladder cancer as nonsmokers. If people face any symptoms of bladder related issues even after following these tips, they must contact an experienced medical professional Cletus Georges MD at once.

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