How to Get Rid of Your Toothache?

When faced with a sudden toothache, pain relief is a major concern, especially if the toothache occurs out of working hours, and it is almost impossible to get dental treatment. Toothache can be more than just a horrible experience that can ruin your whole day or keep you awake at night. Whether toothache is an emergency or not, it is best to go to a dental emergency office. But if you want to reduce the pain fast, knowing some home remedies may be helpful. Here, an emergency dentist in Richmond Hill lists some of the most common home remedies for toothache. But before you read the article, keep in mind that they are only some ways to help you endure the pain until you see an emergency dentist. You are not allowed to replace them with dental treatment.


Putting ice on toothache is known as one of the best home remedies for pain relief. As suggested by an emergency dentist in Toronto, you can wrap some ice in a towel and rub it on the affected area. It is very effective to hold the compress in place for about a quarter several times. There is another way: hold ice water in your mouth for a few seconds. But, do not think of biting the ice with a sore tooth. Otherwise, the situation will get worse, and you may even break your teeth.

Salt Water

It is often said that saltwater can kill oral bacteria. Undoubtedly, this solution can reduce sudden pain. You can rinse your mouth with salt water as an antibacterial treatment. But according to dentists at Dentist New West, this is not a permanent solution for toothaches.


Many of us have heard that garlic is like a miracle for toothache. It is a fact. Garlic is a powerful antibacterial drug that kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. According to an emergency dentist in North York, applying a mixture of salt and crushed garlic can reduce pain in the blink of an eye.


Clove oil

Clove oil is known as another effective dental treatment as a natural remedy. Like garlic, this can reduce pain and help you until you get to the emergency dental clinic. You can find this medicine in herbal stores. In other words, it acts as an anesthetic and is an anti-inflammatory drug. Apply clove oil on a cotton ball, and then put it on your sore tooth.

Tea Bag

Do you have a teabag at home? If so, do not hesitate to use it to get rid of toothache. It does not matter if you use hot tea or cold tea. Both play an important role in reducing pain. If you want to use it as a warm, be careful not to hurt yourself. It should not be too hot. If you do not want to apply it as it is warm, you can use the cold option. Put a teabag in the freezer for a few minutes and then use it. Rub it on your teeth. If a tea bag is not available, you can make tea with mint and then rinse your mouth with it. Of course, it should be noted that tea can stain your teeth. Therefore, do not use this method repeatedly.


You will be amazed to hear that vanilla is another recommended home remedy for toothache. Vanilla is not only used for baking cakes and cookies. It can severely numb your teeth. You can put some vanilla on your finger or a piece of cotton and then rub it on your teeth.


If you do not want to take home remedies, you can use painkillers to reduce the pain. Some pills are good options for pain relief. You can talk to a dentist over the phone to find out what pills to take until you see an emergency dentist.

The Final Say

Our oral health is a window to our overall health, so no dental issue should be ignored. The emergency dentist is the person who can help us in this regard. If you can run to the dentist as fast as possible, and if you cannot, make the earliest appointment.

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