How To Revise For A Math Test

Curious about how you can score better easily on a subject as difficult as mathematics? Today we will learn about the various methods you can avoid, which are simply lengthy and not very practical, and the actual tips that can help you in scoring good grades.

Habits To Avoid

Mathematics is a unique subject because you cannot use the trick of simply learning data. Here are some things that you need to avoid because it makes you work hard and not smart;

  • Crash courses

You might find the best software for online teaching before an examination, and look up only revisions so that you can do a complete crash course on all topics before an examination. However, this is not going to help you.

Mathematics is not something you can learn overnight, which is why you need to focus on mastering concepts efficiently so that even if you are capable of answering half the question paper, you are efficient in it and score almost full marks in the portion you have attended.

  • Using only reference textbooks

Don’t simply use the reference books provided by the school, and educational coaches. There are millions of sums that you can practice on the same topic no matter how simple it is. Pick the best app to teach online, and write down a selected number of sums that are in your syllabus. Not simply websites and applications, you might find different textbooks from your friends, siblings, who used different versions of the same book or books from different authors and publishers.

The move sums you solve, you recognize the diversity in a formula and understand the concept better. Who knows, you might find a few sums common if you solve them all!

  • Looking at the answers only

The answer is not the most important part. Whenever you ask a teacher whether you will be given step marking for a somewhere the answer is wrong, the teacher might respond with ‘the steps have to be correct’.

Hence, you need to focus not only on the answer but also on the process of finding the answer. do you know how teachers know immediately whether you have cheated on a math test or not? Because, despite the process and solution method being incorrect, your answer is somewhat correct. For moral and practical reasons, don’t just look at the solution, follow it in a step-by-step process.

In chronological order, first comes the concept, then comes understanding of why we learn this concept and in which field we can use it so that you can be more interested. Second, comes they will process through usage of formulas, which you will eventually have to learn. If you practice it all day long, you will be able to recall the formulas without putting in too much effort. What you ultimately have is the answer!

How To Get Better Grades

Before we get into the useful tips, let us know what you can start with;

  • Read all the concepts, formulas, and chapters you have been assigned.
  • Write down important formulas, and doubts. For this, you need to practice all year round.
  • Try to establish a line of communication between you and the tutor right before the exam so that you can immediately refer to them for solutions. You can even arrange for a group study session where each student will answer as many questions as possible if someone else has a doubt.
  • Ease your way into the mathematics anxiety.
  • The best way to get over a problem is to face it head-on, again and again, constantly. When you fail to solve a sum, even though you understand everything, it is simply due to the lack of practice. Either you are making silly mistakes, or you have misunderstood some parts of the formula. If you are uncomfortable with such a topic, try to practice it as much as you can.

Don’t Procrastinate

Simply because it’s not going to work out with mathematics. Math is a complicated subject, and as mentioned before, you cannot go through everything in one night. This is why students are given the maximum number of holidays before a mathematics exam so that they have enough time to revise things. Don’t procrastinate, start going through every formula and difficult equation so that you still have some time left before the exam for priority-based studying.

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