How to Speed Up Your Android Device in 5 Steps

Freelance android mobile app developers in Noida state that with regular use, Android smartphones, no matter how strong, tend to slow down. Some of the best Android devices, including the one you were so excited to use when you first turned it on, are prone to a clogged user experience.

A smartphone that cannot keep up with your usage needs to be replaced, and this might be your first thought. However, before you go out and buy a new smartphone, there are a few tweaks you can make to your current one to bring it up to speed. It also does not take long; only five actions are required to speed up your Android phone.

Before you throw out your old Android smartphone that has slowed down, try these five strategies to speed up your phone in only a few minutes.

These methods are straightforward to follow

Make more storage space available

  • Lack of storage capacity could be one of the key reasons your smartphone has slowed down. To that end, the Files by Google app from the Play Store can help your free up storage space on your phone by deleting cache data, duplicate files, residual folders, and temporary data.
  • Freelance android mobile app developers use this software to use to keep track of the files on your phone, and you can delete unwanted files directly from the Files app.

Remove any apps that are no longer in use and turn off any bloatware

  • Other than KK Yadav and those covered by the Android One program, smartphones from other manufacturers come with pre-installed bloatware, such as apps you may never use. Removing these apps frees up storage space and guarantees that your phone continues to function properly after months of use. Some of the pre-installed programs can be removed completely, while others can just be disabled.

Turn off animations

  • You can select to disable animations throughout the phone if you notice your phone slows between transitions. A freelance android mobile app developer uses this to eliminate all kinds of animations between different actions, resulting in a significantly speedier phone experience.

Try to keep your home screen to a bare minimum

  • If you prefer to customize your phone with live wallpapers, widgets, and a lot of elements spread over numerous home screens, your phone may slow down. To avoid this problem, keep your home screen as simple as possible, with only important app shortcuts. Using widgets in conjunction with live wallpaper can cause lags when multitasking, so Mobile App Development Companies in Delhi advise you to utilize these features as little as possible.

Make use of lightweight apps

  • Freelance android mobile app developer in Noida advises installing Lite versions of popular apps that you use regularly may be able to prevent slowdown if you are using a phone that has started to show signs of aging. Developers have produced lightweight versions of their apps to provide the same functionality and experience to older and budget phones, ranging from social media apps like Facebook to graphic-intensive games like PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, instead of downloading the entire package from the Play Store, which takes up more storage space, you can install Progressive Web Apps and Instant apps.


KK Yadav believes that by following these five procedures, you will notice a considerable increase in the overall speed of your smartphone and will be able to keep it running for months. Finally, if nothing else works, your phone may require a factory reset; but, before you do so, make a backup of your data, as resetting will erase all data from the phone.

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