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Driving is termed as a vast field today due to the increase in the growth of the transportation industry. Driving is a two-way process in which people must have an interest in the field of driving, or maybe want to pursue their career in the field of driving. You can also check How Much Do Lorry Drivers Get Paid UK? for references about the wages in the transportation industry. Whatever you get paid is the major factor that makes you eager about the job you are pursuing. To get through the above discussion and know about the wages you will be getting as a lorry driver. This will help you grow more as an individual in the field of driving.

Driving allows you to work in different fields. Not only in driving but also in other fields associated with driving. It is said that as a lorry driver you may be subjected to work for long 70 hours for eight days. After driving for 70 hours you are not allowed to drive for the next 34 hours. That means you need to take off duty for 34 hours because this field needs more focus, and if you need to be focused then you have to take a rest for several hours. Also, a one-day limit to drive heavy vehicles continuously is 11 hours. So all you need to do is work for the things in a way that everything turns out to be sorted.

Reasons of dissatisfaction in Lorry drivers

As it is seen that driving a lorry is not an easy task. This type of driving has long working hours, which includes continuous driving irrespective of day or night time. The major researchers show that lorry drivers are happy with their jobs but there are a few factors which make them irritated and dissatisfied because these factors sometimes are hard to manage. Some of these factors are listed below for your reference. Till then you can also see some of the factors influencing How Much Do Lorry Drivers Get Paid UK?

The factors affecting the satisfaction of the lorry drivers are:

Sometimes lorry drivers are happy with the things going on in their life, but there are some of the factors in terms of lorry driving which make the other person dissatisfied like police harassment and some of the factors are also from the RTO and local groups.

Sometimes there are risks to life due to excessive accidents in the field of lorry driving, sometimes it can be due to one’s own mistakes, and sometimes it may be due to other vehicle drivers.

There are many factors related to car drivers. Sometimes they annoy lorry drivers with an excess of things like pulling in too close to heavy vehicles, tailgating their vehicle to save fuel, Not indicating the turns, car drivers using loading bays, people thinking that lorry drivers are the risk-takers but actually, this isn’t true. Lorry drivers are also human beings who get annoyed by these types of things, which cause a lot of problems in terms of safe driving.
The other factor may be unscheduled working hours. These happen when sometimes the things go in excess, because of the deadlines induced on them.

Problems faced by Lorry Drivers

There are many problems which are caused in terms of Lorry driving because it is driving rigid vehicles and it includes lots of risks but there are many other problems which can be part of your journey while driving such heavy vehicles.

1. The first major factor is fatigue, people get depressed sometimes from the similar routine of long driving tracks. The boringness it creates is sometimes not handled by the person effectively which leads to depression and anxiety cases.

2. The other major problem is lorry drivers are frequently stopped by police officials because it is a myth nowadays that people who drive these types of vehicles possess wrong deeds. But this is not true. Some people drive these vehicles because they have a passion for driving such large vehicles.

3. The other major issue which is relating to lorry driving are the health issues. There are various health issues associated with driving. As driving for long hours is not an easy task, it may cause changes in your health that may be positive or negative as per your body.

4. There is a lack of good quality meals and water on their way, which may cause problems to them in various ways both physically as well as mentally. The meal is important to have energy for the next tasks and if the meals are of low quality then it may cause various health issues to lorry drivers.

5. The other important factor that associated problems in lorry driving is safety. Because some of the lorry vehicles are used for transportation of hazardous materials which is risky for lorry drivers.

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