Main Features of Overnight Desert Safari in Dubai

The idea of spending a whole night in the vast desert of Dubai is enough to introduce a new thrill and excitement to your body. However, you might never want to spend a night among the creepy creatures of the desert without proper guidance and preparations. And this could be possible only when you are having an overnight desert safari in Dubai.

Many people prefer the morning desert safari over the night one due to their busy schedules. But the fun, thrill, and exciting events that are part of an overnight desert safari can never be found during the daytime. Following are some of the exciting features of an overnight desert safari in Dubai which will attract you to book your ride towards the expanding desert of Dubai.

Hypnotizing Views of Sunset and Sunrise

The time when you enter the desert for an overnight desert safari is about 4 to 5 pm. Soon after you enter the desert, the sun starts setting and the view of the sun going beneath the dunes is a treat to watch. These moments are so attractive that you find yourself lost in them.

As you are going to spend the whole night in the desert, you can witness the amazing sunrise view as well. You have to get up early in the morning and find a peaceful place. After that, you can sit there and watch the sun coming out.


Camping in the desert is a great experience. You have to set up your camp there to spend the night. For sure you are not going to sleep in your camp for the whole night as you have to participate in various other activities as well. But setting up a camp is necessary to live a night in the desert. This will be a different experience even for those who have already camped in different mountainous regions.

Belly Dance

Several performances are performed to amuse the visitors of the desert. However, the most popular of all of these performances is the world’s famous Arabian Belly dance. Many professionals are hired to perform their dance in front of you. The dancers for this special dance are usually hired by your tour operators for the desert safari. The way their bellies move with the rhythms of Arabian music is very fascinating.

Tanoura Dance and Fire Show

Having a close resemblance with traditional Sufi dance, this tanoura dance is one of the most beautiful things to watch during an overnight desert safari in Dubai. The way their colorful, wide, and long clothes move with their body movements and their expressions while dancing, everything is just picture perfect.

Then there comes the dangerous looking but attractive fire show. You can fully enjoy the way a man or two or even more waving the traditional fire torches and forming patterns with fires. You can also witness them performing several tricks using fire and showing their acrobatic skills as well.

Buffet Dinner

The most exciting and greatest feature of any overnight desert safari is the buffet dinner. This dinner is mainly BBQ meat and other related things. There is a rumor about this buffet which states that there is no BBQ type present in the world that you cannot get in the buffet dinner presented to you during an overnight desert safari.

Moreover, this BBQ dinner contains a variety of options for those who are following a vegetarian diet. No matter if you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will be provided with every sort of BBQ depending upon your diet. Other than that many other delicious cuisines are also served to tourists.

Along with delicious Arabian cuisines, you are also served many different kinds of drinks. From coffee to soft drinks, a whole variety of drinks is provided to tourists. And the best thing about these drinks is that you can get unlimited refills of any drink of your choice.

Knowing these amazing features of an overnight desert safari in Dubai, it is very hard for you to hold yourself back. So, contact your preferred tour company and book a ride towards the vast Arabian desert in Dubai.

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