Most Comprehensive Guide to File Returns Under GST

GST returns are a type of form that every taxpayer has to file. There happen to be twenty-two different types of GST forms available in India. Out of these 22 forms, 11 forms are active. Three of them are suspended, and 8 other forms have view-only status. Therefore the type of GST and the number are based on the type of taxpayer you register. 

One must understand the different types of the taxpayer. Once you understand this, it will help you with the GST return online. One should understand that the GST returns are filed annually, monthly, or quarterly.

Process of filing the GST return

Every taxpayer needs to file the GST return online. They can look at the amount after calculating it with the help of the GST interest calculator. Also, in this digital age, one must look for automation and innovation before looking for online filing for GST return filing. The taxpayer must take the help of various software and applications introduced by the goods and service tax network. The government innovates these facilities to automate the various filling processes.

Online filing of GST

To file the GST return, online one needs to follow the following steps:

  • Visit the GST portal.
  • Obtain the GST identification number. It is a 15 digits number that a person would get based on the state code and PAN number.
  • Upload all the relevant invoices on the GST portal. You would require an invoice reference number against all the invoices that one would get
  • Once all the documents, including invoices, outward returns, inward returns, cumulative monthly returns, get uploaded, you must look for any errors.
  • The last step includes filing the return.

Points to consider before filing

Before filing the GST return, one must look into the following points.

  • It is one outward supply return that one needs to furnish with the help of the information on the common portal of the GST.
  • One should do the GST filing on the 10th of every following month.
  • The supplier needs to furnish and make all the details of the outward supplies.
  • The outward supplies would be validated after the verification and then modified by the recipient.
  • The details of the inward supplies need to be furnished by the recipient.

Downloading the GST return form

Once you file the GST return, you need to download the form to keep it as a reference for your future. You must follow the steps below:

  • Login to the GST portal
  • Go on to the service and select the return on the return dashboard
  • Choose the year and month from the dropdown menu
  • Select prepare offline
  • Choose the download option
  • Click the generate file option

After clicking, you can download the file in the zip file format.

If any taxpayer forgets to pay the GST return, they need to pay the late fee or penalty fees. The interest of that happens to be 18% per annum. One should calculate it on the outstanding tax amount. Under the SGST and CGST, one need to pay a late fee of Rs. 100 every single day if they miss the deadline. For checking the GST return status, one must follow the following steps:

  • Open the online GST portal
  • Enter all the details on the login page
  • Choose the services and select the track return status
  • Select the status of the return
  • Click the search button

GST return filing can be quite laborious and tedious at times. But now, it has become quite simplified due to filing the return online. Take the help of a GST interest calculator to calculate the return before making the payment. 

Hence without any delay, get your returns filed today.

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