Premium streaming content must be protected from piracy by a forensic watermarking vendor with these top qualities.

End-to-end security solutions have become imperative for content providers as demand for streaming content grows and piracy attacks increase. When it comes to premium content, DRM-protected content prevents unauthorised access, but forensic watermarking solutions help studios and OTT providers safeguard their content’s copyright, deter piracy, and track down the leak’s source.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting a video watermarking service provider include:

The forensic watermarking solution must be able to withstand ever-evolving piracy attacks due to its robustness and speed. Rather than simply keeping up with the latest piracy schemes, the service provider should also be ahead of the curve. The solution should also be cloud-based to facilitate faster integration and watermark recognition, which is particularly important for live events.

SaaS and subscription-based pricing models are ideal for a constantly changing market, as they provide value to customers and are easy to scale in response to market shifts.

Offerings in terms of scope and scalability: When it comes to content security, a one-size-fits-all approach is a bad idea. Because of this, forensic watermarking service providers must understand the specific needs of the content owners and provide relevant custom-designed solutions to meet the evolving security needs. As the streaming service grows, the solution must be scalable to millions of users and devices without affecting the detection speed of watermarks.

As technology and internet speeds continue to improve, content providers must ensure that their work is protected from piracy around the world. If the service is only available in a specific geographic area, pirates will always be able to attack.

Solutions should focus on watermark detection and extraction, but additional components such as DRM protection, analytics, etc. can be integrated with the solutions to create a holistic security solution. If you’re looking to improve business decisions and strengthen content security, for example, data collection and analysis can help.

To maximise the security benefit, the solution should be compatible with legacy devices. Future-proofing should also be considered so that the solution can be implemented on future devices. Always choose services that have a proven track record of watermark detection and piracy prevention across all distribution channels.

If you want to keep DRM protected content from being pirated, watermarking it with forensic watermarks is the best way to do so, according to security experts. Following the above-mentioned criteria when selecting a forensic watermarking vendor increases the likelihood of preventing revenue leakage.

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