Tips to Design a Minimal Living Room

Do you plan to curate a minimal living room? But you are feeling a bit lost about what to exclude and what to add to bring a contemporary and minimalist outlook to it? Worry not. We are here to help you throughout.

Top 6 Tips to Design a Minimalist Living Room

Minimalism is the new design ideology that isn’t getting old anytime soon. And we have some amazing ideas for you, listed below to start designing one for yourself. Lets dig in and explore them.

1.  Start Decluttering:

Before you start giving a makeover to your living room; declutter your space. Throw away everything that you do not need. From furniture that is chunky and doesn’t fit into magazines that have just been lying around; declutter like you are moving out.

2.  Set a Theme:

Research for minimalism-inspired themes and set one for yourself. Black and white are one of the most common minimalist living room themes that are followed largely. However, you can always go for a single colored wall and add different colors through furniture and decor. But before you start planning or setting things up; setting a theme is very important. It gives proper direction to your living room.

3.  Look for Minimal yet Classic Decor:

Having a minimally designed living room doesn’t really mean that you have to limit yourself in terms of decor and furniture. You can easily get minimal decor online at amazing places like James Said and many more. Don’t be scared to experiment a bit with the decor. Add classical items to enhance the outlook of your lounge.

4.  Choose Wall Colors Smartly:

Stick to neutral tones for a minimalistic living room. These tend to reflect light and make your area look more spacious and decluttered. You can definitely add a pop of color through your furniture or decor and play around with textures too. But the wall colors must be chosen very carefully.

5.  Make Use of Natural Light:

Adding large windows to your living room is one of the best ways to create more space into it, naturally. Allow natural light to seep into your living room, to boost a minimal vibe. This will be extremely helpful if you are designing a small living room. Natural light can amp up the entire space instantly.

6.  Invest in Quality not Quantity:

When you are designing a minimalist living room; you need to focus on quality rather than quantity. As you have few things to invest in; make sure that you always invest in quality. Remember, quality speaks for itself and will reflect luxury into your living space.


A living room makeover can be a bit challenging but it isn’t impossible. Start setp by step and make sure that you don’t begin without a proper theme and plan. Declutter before you begin and you will find it much easier to crreate a new space and environment for your living room.

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