Top 6 Final Fantasy Alternatives You Need to Check Out in 2022

Final Fantasy is a Japanese sci-fi and fantasy video game that has been around for more than 3 decades now. There are various instalments to the game and new ones are well on the way.

If you are a final fantasy games enthusiast who is waiting for its next instalment, you can check out our collection of games that resemble a final fantasy.

These games have borrowed so much from Final Fantasy in terms of gameplay, visuals, and even the plot. That is why we believe you will love playing these Final Fantasy alternatives while you wait for the real game.

Here are some of the best Final Fantasy-like games that you can try

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

This game has unique combat styles and a storyline that appeals to your imagination and creativity. Both Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy were designed by almost the same team of designers. There even are some cameos from Final Fantasy characters in the game which is pretty cool.

This game is available on both PS4 and Xbox just like poe ninja. Kingdom Hearts three is without a doubt the best Final Fantasy alternative in terms of general vibe and gameplay.

  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

This third installment of the Xenoblade has its own unique set of characters and a storyline which means you can start playing this game right away without worrying about the plot from the first or second version.

The game has various cool characters with neat weapons and cool moves. The game uses an open-world design incorporated with day and night cycles that influence various aspects of the game. There are three classes of characters namely healer, offensive attacker, defensive tanks, etc.

  1. I Am Setsuna    

This game is extremely interactive and fun to play. You get to role-play a character who works in a team and navigates through various villages, towns, and dungeons, and interacts with NPCs to reveal plot elements.

The plot of the game is really detailed and is filled with emotions and lots of excitement.  This ARPG is filled with exciting battles, plot twists, and amazing character designs which make everything so much fun.

  1. Resonance of Fate

This game employs a tri attack battle system that involves turn-based as well as real-time controls. Each player gets his turn to attack and the turn ends soon after the attack or when the player’s action points run out.

There are two main types of damages based on the intensity of the attack. One is referred to as Scratch while the other is Direct Damage. This final fantasy alternative has so much to offer in terms of gameplay and you need to check this out yourself if you really want to know it firsthand.

  1. Lost odyssey

This particular game combines technology and medieval times and gives you an exciting plot that you cannot get enough of. The players are allowed to travel through towns and even countries using ships through oceans.

Players can visit towns to recuperate from damage, buy rare items, or interact with the locals to gain plot clues. The combat style of the lost odyssey is really intricate and involves melee attacks, spells, and the use of weapons that players can upgrade as they progress in the game.

  1. Dragon Quest 11

This game has a cool bunch of main characters similar to the path of exile trade. The story is unique but fun, the characters are well designed, and the action is just awesome that reminds you a lot about Final Fantasy 7.

This long-running franchise involves battles of survival between ancient nations and uses both traditional combats as well as some special moves to give the best experience ever.

Final Thoughts

So, if you were having trouble finding games similar to Final Fantasy, we urge you to try these out as soon as you can. Most of these games have done pretty well in terms of graphics, and plots. This is the reason why most Final Fantasy fans seem to recommend these games more than anything.

We really hope you find your next favorite RPG from this list of ours and have endless fun.

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