Web API vs. MVC: Which ASP.NET technology is worth?

There are many differences between ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC). In addition, there are different requirements according to which you should be using to ensure that this technology is worth it. Before you get into the details, let us find out more about MVC and its purpose.

MVC divides into three parts which are Model-View-Controller.

  • Model – These objects that raise the model state in the database actually first retrieve the data from the database. Then it performs a particular operation for storing the data into the database.
  • View – Developers can ‘view’ the application’s User Interface created by the data model.
  • Controllers – Components or Controllers are useful for managing user interaction. It helps to manage the query and string values. Moreover, it transfers the values into models.

You can get access to MVC in the “System.Web.MVC ” assembly. In addition to this, the MVC framework uses ASP.NET features that include Master pages, Membership based authentication, etc. This technology is worth investing in since you can use multiple options in ASP.NET in order to make web applications with ASP.NET web forms.

With ASP.NET Web API, you can present data forms such as JSON and XML. Moreover, responding to clients becomes very convenient since the framework is open-source and utilizes HTTP service. The HTTP protocols manage the requests. In addition to this, you can host ASP.NET Web API on IIS or in an application.

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People usually get confused with the selection of ASP NET technology is worth emphasizing or not. Here are some of the ways where you are able to make use of these technologies.

Process of Exposing Functionality

ASP.NET MVC controllers are a suitable choice, specifically if you are searching to expose a functionality within an application. In addition to this, you can use generic functionality on any of the applications. In this way, you can save time since you don’t have to generate a new API in order to expose functionality every time. Moreover, a controller attaches to a specific web application since it exposes functionalities quickly consumed using Ajax.

Web API provides you an elegant and great solution, especially if you are searching to create a full-fledged REST service that is not attached to a single application. Moreover, if the functionality View is centric for loading HTML fragments or producing AJAX-driven pages, you should opt for ASP.NET MVC since it is a better choice. On the other hand, you can select Web API if you are generating a standalone RESTful service.

Data formats for dealing

Controllers use JsonResult or ActionResult since the controller output is either in the HTML markup or JSON format data. You can use any of these data formats for action methods and expose the functionalities. However, when several data formats are involved, it is better to opt for Web API. It is more significant because this technology automatically decides on web format by simply searching for the Accept header. In the MVC controller, you can have an option to specify the data format for writing action methods.

You can generate HTTP services for replying to data alone which is available in Web API. But on the other hand, MVC is suitable for creating web applications that reply as views and data. This is because web API uses Accept Header for returning data in several formats. Hence it returns the data in various formats, such as JSON, XML, etc. However, in the case of MVC, the data returning is only in the JSON format in the form of JSONResult.

Combining MVC and Web API

Developers enjoy multiple advantages if you combine API and MVC controller both. Returning the response in several formats can be done efficiently if you are managing AJAX requests.

In addition to this, you can produce filters in two formats for application authorization. Hence you can map the requests to actions on HTTP verbs. However, it gets a map to the actions name in MVC. Furthermore, you can even utilize API as a standalone service layer. Hence you can use it with ASP.NET since this technology is worth it.


As discussed above, the controller is a part of ASP.NET MVC applications that requires IIS in its hosting environment. However, you can use the API service framework to self-host it. Hence it makes it lightweight since you can avoid the expenditures on IIS. Therefore it is a great option if you want to release your app on various platforms such as web applications, desktop, console applications, etc.

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Closing Remarks

You can select Web API if you are producing a full-blown HTTP service such as Amazon, Flickr, etc. It is suitable even if you require content negotiation. Content negotiation is the procedure of returning content using Accept Header format. However, it might not require it for all your projects since data is usually sent using JSON and XML. Using Web API, you get various options of sending the content in diverse formats, such as files and images.

WebAPI is also a good option with a better framework, specifically if you are exhibiting your data with services on various devices. Since it is open-source, you will need a perfect platform for producing RESTful services over a DotNet framework. Hence you will not need any additional configuration settings for your devices separately. Since now people prefer using mobile apps more than desktop applications, it is significant to develop both types of apps.


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