What are virtual numbers and how can they benefit Startups?

Virtual numbers are cloud-based numbers that businesses can use for routing incoming customer calls as per customer requirements to any designated department or agent. A virtual phone number helps a business to expand its services in and around the country. Virtual numbers are very essential for startups in the techno-centric world where communication based on technology is the key to boosting a business. A virtual number is a telephonic number without any physical existence that encourages business for seamless communication with any part of the globe. Some of the benefits of virtual numbers that are helpful for startups are as follows:

  1. High Conversion Rate: A virtual phone number helps a startup track every inbound and outbound call which provides opportunities and engagements to proactively engage in more conversation. It is one way of direct connection with the business without any barrier. A free virtual number service even attracts more customers as customers can access call service free of cost.
  2. Help in Identifying Quality Leads: Businesses with a virtual number can easily classify and nurture all quality leads to offer streamlined customer engagement. It allows masking the number of both the agent and the customer.  
  3. Omnipresent: It helps startups to forward all customer calls to agents from any part of the world and at any given time. It helps agents to work while traveling or to work from home, thus providing flexibility to work.
  4. Number Masking: A virtual number ensures customer privacy and zero information sharing by masking the caller’s number. It provides privacy by hiding the customer and agent’s call details during a live call. It encourages ethical respect and confidence in communication.
  5. Optimizes Operational Efficiency: A business with a virtual phone number never misses a lead as it routes the customer calls to specific agents based on their availability.
  6. Real-time Data Insights: A virtual telephone number used by startups provides actionable data insights on call records, with call logs to enhance customer engagement from call masking services to gauge the performance of agents.
  7. Call-recording: The call recording feature of the virtual number solution helps in recording and saving incoming and outgoing calls that can be easily accessed later for market research or comparing call data by the business. A business can develop various tools on the available data, it can also be used to train the agents.
  8. Multiple channels: Virtual numbers give a business a platform for being present at multiple channels through their business numbers. A business can use their virtual numbers in social media sites, online and offline platforms, advertisements, etc. Thus, being an easily accessible, affordable, and convenient mode of communication between the business and the customers.

A virtual number helps a startup in building a self-brand image that enhances market reach. Startups are new businesses in the market that needs the trust of the customers and the market itself. A virtual number provides customers the trust of authentication for the startup. Many startups start as small or medium-size businesses where limited capital becomes a barrier for investment and thus affects the growth. However, investing in a virtual number is a genius way to guarantee to attract more customers as it builds trust, makes communication easier, and thus ensures business growth. It is economical as it does not require any infrastructural setup and is also time-saving for both, agents and customers.  It helps startups in saving even after investing in a cloud-based communication solution. It empowers startups in work even during the pandemic and also in a small setup. A virtual number allows a business to attend multiple calls at a given time. Thus, reducing wait time and not losing customers in the process.

Knowlarity is one of the popular virtual number India providers. Virtual numbers in India are becoming popular as technology is developing and making communication easier. Also, being tech-savvy, economical, and time-saving are some of the essentials for the growth of any business. Knowlarity offers a free demo service for a business to choose the needed features of their virtual number India solution. With expert guidance, a business can mindfully choose a best fitted virtual number that addresses all the needs of the business.

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