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Tally ERP software is one of the most well-known business management applications. Tally software is used for accounting, auditing, report preparation, and other tasks. Tally setup can be installed and configured in two ways:

  1. Tally On-Premise
  2. Tally on Cloud

The primary distinction between Tally On-Premise and Tally Software on Cloud is the requirement for physical servers to be installed on the office premises. This includes the cost of hardware, maintenance, IT experts, and others.

In the Tally Cloud, both the data and the application are placed in the cloud. Company data can now be viewed online from remote locations with the use of Tally on Web.

Let’s take a closer look at Tally software to see how the two methods of tally installation differ.

Tally on-Premise vs. Tally Cloud: What is the Difference?

The following are the significant differences between Tally On-Premise and Tally on Cloud:

Costs incurred:

On-Premises involves a heavy initial investment in terms of servers, location, maintenance, and IT personnel to set up, and several other things. Tally on Cloud prices are affordable as there is no need to buy and maintain physical servers when using on the cloud.

Backup your data:

Tally On-Premise data backup is a time-consuming operation, however, Tally data backup via the cloud is simple.

Remote Access:

Employees can run Tally on Cloud from any remote place as long as they have internet access. On-premise tally is constrained to the office network.

Tally On-Premise vs. Tally on Cloud:

Let’s have a look at the differences between Tally On-Premise and Tally on Cloud. The following is a list of Cloud features that are not obtainable in Tally on-premise software.

  • Access Online from anyplace anytime
  • Backing up and recovering from disasters
  • Scalability
  • High-level security
  • Print remotely

Why does Tally on-premises involve additional work?

On-premises Tally services are entirely reliant on the hardware and resources available within the office space. On-premise Tally uses a single database, it requires a continual, uninterrupted power source. Configuring Tally On-premise necessitates some additional commitment.

Benefits of Tally on Cloud:

Let’s discuss the benefits of Tally on Cloud and how Tallycloudhub can be the perfect option for your tally on cloud needs:

Access Remotely:

Tally on Cloud can be accessible at any time and from any location. Tally Multi-user on Cloud can access the data from their home when away from the company’s infrastructure because the data is stored in the cloud.

Data backup and security:

Data on the cloud is extensively encrypted and stored with multiple layers of security. As a result, the cloud is a highly safe location to store valuable business information.

Storage: System:

Tally on Cloud is installed and configured using a centralized way. This means that all of the data is kept on a centralized server. Data can be retrieved at multiple geo locations with this and data is synchronized and available in real-time without compromising its integrity.


Tally was traditionally only accessible through Windows, but now since it is available on the cloud, it can be accessed from any device based on any operating system, eg: Tally on Mac, Linux, Unix, Android, and others.


After comparing the aspects of Tally On-Premise vs. Tally Accounting Software on the Cloud.  We can easily see that Tally on cloud services has a significant advantage over Tally on-premise. We provide cost-effective services, as well as a free live Tally on Cloud Demo. Visit Tallycloudhub today and check out your affordable Tally on cloud pricing plan.

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