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Why One Should Look for Bungalow for Sale in Dapoli

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In metropolitan cities, the biggest problem that everyone faces is an increase in population and pollution. Nobody wants to live in a place where there is not enough space for accommodation and the pollution becomes the cause of so many unwanted diseases.  Hence, the people who live in such cities always dream to settle at a place full of fresh air, greenery, and big bungalows where they can live with their families after retirement.

Mostly, the people living in the big cities of Maharashtra look for a bungalow for sale in Dapoli. The reason behind this is Dapoli is a beautiful town full of natural beaches and fresh air. The town is around 200km away from Mumbai and comes under Ratnagiri District. The place is best suitable for the huge holiday homes where people can stay with family and friends and enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

There are a variety of bungalows for sale in Dapoli with various amenities. In this article, we have listed different styles of bungalows that are available for sale in Dapoli and best suitable for you and your family members.

  1. The bungalow with twin structure having 1 bedroom, hall and kitchen is best suitable for the small families. These bungalows have two floors, the ground floor has one living room, one toilet, kitchen, and a beautiful verandah. There is one bedroom and toilet on the first floor of the bungalow along with two small terraces.
  2. Another best suitable option for small families is 1.5BHK where the bungalow has a single floor with 2 bedrooms. The size of the master bedroom is bigger than another one. Along with the bedrooms, the bungalow has 1 huge living room, a toilet, kitchen, and a beautiful terrace where you can get all the fresh air day and night.
  3. You can select the bungalow according to the size of the family. And if there is a requirement of 2 bedrooms then you can opt for 2BHK bungalows for sale in Dapoli. Many of these bungalows are made of double floors where the ground floor has a living room, a master bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and a beautiful verandah where you can grow all your beautiful plants and trees. The first floor has another toilet with a bedroom and a beautiful terrace for multiple usages. Some of these bungalows also provide big parking for cars and other vehicles.
  4. For the big size families, 3 BHK is the best option. These are also double floor bungalows where the ground floor has a beautifully designed living room with one master bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen, and a big verandah. Along with the verandah, these bungalows are provided with parking for cars. The first floor has two bedrooms with attached toilets and a beautiful terrace.

Along with all these nicely constructed bungalows, Dapoli is a beautiful destination where travelers can enjoy beautiful natural sceneries, beaches, Buddhist and Hindu caves, 21 feet standing statue of Lord Parashuram, and much more.

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