Why Online Stores Take the Lead in Today’s Smart Phone Market

The strides of progress online shopping has made over the past few years are quite commendable. Apart from being convenient and hassle-free, online stores also offer quality products at heavily discounted prices. This makes them the preferred shopping route for most customers.

According to recent studies, 60% of smartphones purchased in 2020 were bought from online stores. Given the stellar benefits of such portals, the market dominance of online stores in terms of smartphone sales is completely justified. When you can have the convenience of browsing through multiple sites and comparing multiple models, all the while sitting in the comforts of your room, why shouldn’t you opt for an online smartphone store to make your next smartphone purchase?

If you’re still thinking about why online stores have beaten offline ones in smartphone sales, we present to you the top 6 reasons that have contributed to this meteoric rise of online smartphone stores.

Lucrative Pricing

As consumers, we are constantly looking for the best deals and offers that can lower our potential costs when purchasing any item. This also happens when one ventures out to purchase a smartphone. More people prefer online stores over offline ones because they get access to exclusive deals and offers that help mitigate the overall cost of the device. 

For instance, vivo V21e phone prices will inevitably be lower on the online portals than in the brick-and-mortar stores, thanks to exclusive discounts and offers. Customers can also make use of the festive and seasonal discounts these online stores offer to further lower prices, not to mention the money you’ll save on the transport costs to and from the store!

Convenience of shopping

Online stores account for a higher market share of smartphone sales in the country owing to the ease and convenience they infuse into the shopping process. Since most consumers have been sufficiently acclimated to the online shopping culture over the last decade, they prefer to browse through various online Vivo smartphone stores to grab the best deals and offers on a model of their choice rather than pacing from one physical store to another. Not having to step out of your house while shortlisting and buying smartphones is an important boon of the online stores that has propelled them to grab a significant proportion of market share.

Checking Product Availability

Online smartphone stores make it ultra-easy to check the availability of the specific smartphone model you may desire. If the product happens to be out-of-stock, these stores also provide you with information about its possible restocking dates, unlike offline stores that require you to visit the location frequently to know if the product has been restocked. Moreover, to further enhance the convenience quotient of shopping online, these stores also send out customized reminders for customers interested in purchasing a model that’s currently out-of-stock.

Exclusive Launches

Many smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and others have capitalized on the popularity of online smartphone stores by launching products exclusively through such online portals. Thus, they have planned product launches with their online partnered stores. This usually implies that while such newly launched smartphone models will be exclusively available on the online stores, it will take a while for such models to reach the brick-and-mortar ones. 

For instance, several vivo phones were exclusively launched on online platforms through flash sales and offers. This helped create hype around the model as well as strengthen the case for online smartphone shopping. Moreover, online stores also have access to the more exotic colour variants of a model. This creates a stronger allure for customers to opt for online shopping portals over the mundane offline ones!

Comprehensive Listing of Features

Interrogating the special offerings and features of a smartphone model is undoubtedly a top priority when thinking of an upgrade. Online stores provide customers with a comprehensively listed set of product specifications that helps them get a clearer idea of each smartphone model they review. Moreover, online smartphone stores make product comparisons elementary by allowing customers to compare their shortlisted models side-by-side to pick their favourite model.

Hassle-Free Purchasing Process

The process of purchasing new smartphone models through such portals is seamlessly easy. All customers have to do is visit such stores, select the product they like and pay. Not only is the smartphone delivered to them in a jiffy, but they also get to enjoy easy payment options and excellent return policies. 

For instance, if you are tempted by the low Vivo V20e prices online and decide to purchase it, you can do so without worrying about your budget since EMI payments are the new norm! Online stores like the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store offer customers No Cost EMI plans and zero down payment options when they purchase Mi, Samsung, OPPO or Vivo phones from the EMI Store.

If you want to buy your favourite Samsung or Vivo phone, visit the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store today. Enjoy fast delivery and easy monthly payment options at the EMI Store. You also get to customize your repayment tenor when you make the purchase with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card!

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