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Welcome to our article about quick 10 tips on how you can invest in.BSE share market.  They are designed for a beginner and should be a good starting point for anyone looking at how to start investing in the Share market.

If you’re new here, welcome aboard! Here are  quick tips on how you can get started investing in the BSE Share market:

1) Understand the risks before investing – this is especially important because your investments will go up and down in value. It’s very important that you understand the risks of investing and be prepared for them.

2) Only invest in mutual funds – there are many reasons to invest in Mutual Funds, one of them being that it’s possible to lock in an attractive return while the market is rising. You can also choose to buy it directly from the BSE website or directly through the bank, which can assist you in accessing your investments very quickly. Mutual Funds are a great way to start your journey into the BSE Share market.

3) Don’t Invest for short term gains – you have to think about what you’re investing for. If it’s for short-term gains, that’s fine, but if you’re looking for long-term investments, then it’s possible to lock in a good return by investing in mutual funds which can allow you to take advantage of changing market conditions.

4) Pick your asset classes carefully – the idea is to spread out your investments across a variety of asset classes, including stocks, bonds and gold. A well-diversified portfolio can help you manage risk and potentially delivers greater returns over the long term.

5) Watch out for taxes – you will be charged tax on any profits made on your investments. This can be a major drag on returns as 30% tax is very high compared to what you pay in other parts of the world. That’s why it’s important to pick an advisor who can actively manage your portfolio so that you can keep trading and reduce all the tax charges that come along with investing in BSE Share market.

6) Consider Tax Saving Products – a BSE Share market tax saving account can actually save you up to 40% in taxes, which can be a great way to reduce your tax liability over time.

7) If you’re buying Stocks, do it through the Depository Receipt (DR) program – allow the market to keep beating the share prices and save on taxes. In this case, you will be able to hold your Shares as shares and own them as an investor who has invested in an Indian company. These are actually very cheap compared to other stocks and you can hold them right under your nose without having anything that is called a depository receipt.

8) Do your homework on Companies you are investing in – do all the research you need on the company that you are investing in. It’s not a bad idea to do your own due diligence, but at least make sure that you’re doing it before you make an investment.


These are just some of the ways to invest in BSE Share Market. If you’re new to it, the best way to get started is to try out one of these. Get the right advice and you should go a long way!

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