Living alone and staying safe

Moving into a home on your own can be a daunting process. Sure, it is great to gain your freedom and have the opportunity to decorate your home the way you want to, but it can also make you apprehensive knowing that you are somehow in control of your safety and security to a certain extent. It is always best to do research on the area and your potential surroundings before looking at and investing in a property. That has got to be step one for living alone and staying safe. Once you have ensured that this box has been ticked, it is now time to move on to establishing extra precautions and security measures. Stay tuned as we list some of the ways to maximise safety within your property.  

Security cameras 

If you are looking for a way to threaten burglars then a security camera is definitely your best choice. Did you know that someone looking to commit an unlawful act on your property is certainly more likely to think twice and exit the scene upon realising that they are being watched? It’s self-explanatory really! Most would rather avoid taking the risk. Alongside this, security cameras look ultra-tech and modern when placed on the outside of your property, so if you are someone who loves a new piece of technology, you should certainly head down the route of CCTV installation. You may even be surprised at the cost; it is not as expensive as you may anticipate! Click here to contact a professional regarding the installation of security cameras. 

Motion sensor outdoor lights 

Motion sensor outdoor lights are not only great for when the pizza delivery driver is struggling to find your house number, or when you have to run out to your car to grab some belongings in the middle of the night. They are also great for detecting (and scaring away) those who are on your property grounds when they shouldn’t be. Much like security cameras, motion sensor lights are twice as likely to scare away thieves as they anticipate that someone is approaching when the lights flick on. Little do they know that you are just extra cautious and prepared!  

Video doorbell 

If you are someone who spends a lot of time out of your home, at work, or travelling, then a video doorbell is the perfect, on-the-go, safety solution for living alone and staying safe. With no one in your home the majority of the day, or even the week, you want to be able to view your property, especially your front door area at any given time. A video doorbell will allow you to do just that. With the simple installation of an app, one click and you have a clear view of your door. Not only is this great at targeting suspicious activity, but it is also great to keep tabs on your deliveries arriving!


While on the subject of front doors, it’s only right that we list a spyhole on the list of living alone and staying safe. Most homes have a spyhole installed in the front door however if yours doesn’t, it is not an expensive investment. A spyhole can be purchased for as low as £3! The clue is in the name. If you aren’t expecting someone at your door, especially within the late or early morning hours, always be sure to check the spyhole to ensure that you know who you are opening the door too. Trust us, these little instruments are extremely useful!  

Update fire alarm 

Every home should have a functioning fire alarm. Well, we would like to hope so anyway! There truly is no point in a fire alarm, or several fire alarms being situated on your ceiling when they are unable to work. Regularly check your fire alarms by lighting a few matches and carefully holding them below the device. The sound should indicate how well the device is working. For extra safety precautions, you could choose to update your fire alarm system by installing an interlinked alarm system. That means that when one goes off, they all go off. No matter where you are in the home, or where a fire breaks out, the detection from one device will be sure to sound them all allowing for quicker evacuation measures. 

Get a dog 

If you were looking for an excuse to treat yourself to a fluffy companion, then living alone and staying safe is certainly the perfect excuse. Not only are dogs brilliant company and an eternal best friend but they can also serve as the perfect form of security, especially the larger and more frightful looking ones! The minute an intruder hears a dog bark they will most often back away from the property, even if it is a tiny little pug standing behind the door!

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