3 Essential Steps To Help You Introduce A Virtual Membership Option To Your Fitness Business Model

With health and fitness being more popular than ever before and the growth of technology reaching new heights it’s no wonder there’s such a market for virtual gym and PT classes.

If you are yet to incorporate a virtual membership package into your business model, now is certainly the right time.

Opening the door to a virtual membership for new and existing members will generate growth for your business, boost profits and fill the gap in the market that clients are looking for.

Introducing a virtual membership as part of your product offering and monetizing online workouts doesn’t need to sound daunting, here are four initial considerations to get you started in planning what you will put into your visual fitness package:

  • What can you offer? What are your members looking for? What makes you stand out against any competitors? This could be as simple as a new fitness routine, style of class, or a sought-after PT or instructor.
  • A features list- Exclusive and relevant content from your website or app. Nutritional advice, customized nutrition plans and video sessions with PTs and instructors.
  • Online packages should set you aside from your competitors, describe exactly who you are, the results members could expect to see and an easy laid out definition of who each package is designed for.
  • Pricing that should be clear and easy to follow.

2: Pricing based on the value

No one is going to want to pay more for a virtual class they attend at home with their own overheads vs attending a gym facility and they shouldn’t have to. You should consider using the virtual selection as an add on for existing members and consider offering online-only packages for new customers.

It’s a great way to grow gym members and add to your monthly income even on days and times your facility may be closed.

Choosing a price point for the virtual side of any business can be hard because there are many different factors that need to be taken into account, such as;

  • The reputation and experience your facility is known for, overhead costs such as equipment, maintenance fees for equipment, rents etc.
  • The number of clients/members you can allow and look after to a high standard at any one time
  • How much do members already pay for their memberships?
  • Competitors’ prices for memberships and classes.
  • Which virtual workouts you are offering and the cost to staff/ PT/ instructor who hosts them.
  • Whether or not you are offering a purely virtual membership package or having the package as an add-on to a full membership.

3: Ensure you use leisure management software that is fit for your purpose.

Taking time to find the correct platform partner is key to offering a virtual membership package to new and existing customers. There are a few essential features you should consider;

  • Give your customers the control to book, manage and pay for their classes and sessions online using their smartphones. This takes away the hassle of them having to call up or attend a facility just to book, in return building trust and a loyal customer relationship as well as saving you and your staff time.
  • Streamline payments, bookings, operations and customers details into one safe and secure place using the correct software and in return not have to worry about incorrect data, missed payment chasing and all while holding securely onto customer personal data.
  • Easily engage and stay in contact with your members by email or SMS

Everyone worldwide is rapidly changing the way in which they use technology and going virtual has become a part of many fitness fanatics regimes. Embracing change and adding virtual workouts to your portfolio will enable your members to work on their fitness goals in private around the clock. You’ll find it easier than ever to sign up new members and you won’t have to worry about space or capacity helping you grow your business and keeping even more people fit and healthy!

Gyms have always been an integral part of a community and now they have an opportunity to be part of members home workouts too.

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