An invaluable idea is to make the car horn sound like percussion instruments like tabla and flute.

Who does not like the sound? And if this sound is melodious, then it sounds sweeter. Today we will discuss some important things related to this sound, which today is related to new thinking for our coming future. Sound not only gives us spiritual pleasure in listening as a musical instrument, but when it becomes an invaluable part of the vehicle, then it becomes more pleasant. We did not see much use of muscular instruments in the old times, but with the change of time, today they are an important part of the modern era.

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Today, even when we use a musical instrument to reverse the vehicle, or even if we go on a drive somewhere, the importance of sound increases. This sound not only enhances the beauty of the vehicle but also alerts the people around it. And when this sound is a part of any classical music or any instrument related to Indian music like tabla, flute, harmonium, then its importance increases even more, which also gives identity to our culture and this innovation is a great experiment somewhere. will be proved.

Today in this article we will know about the current changes which are related to sounds but become even more important when they become a part of our transport or vehicle system. Recently, the Indian Transport Ministry has thought of approving a new rule which is about changing the sound system associated with the vehicle or some new innovation. This is also being done so that the sound of the horn of the vehicle can be made more enjoyable. This change will be effective for all of us.

The Ministry of Transport also considered it necessary to do this so that people could be brought closer to Indian culture and the public could be made more aware of it. Along with these new rules, it was also asked to give instructions that the multinational company that makes the horn or the company that is manufacturing there, whose horn is being used somewhere in all the vehicles of India today or will be used in the future. The right type of ‘horn’ should be used in them, in which the sound of Indian musical instruments should be included.

These horn systems also need to be replaced because they are also necessary for a practically quiet nature system. Extremely high decibel horns affect any normal person, whether they are working or they have trouble with excessive noise. But an ideal sound does not disturb anyone’s peace, so it is also necessary to use such an instrument that gives happiness to all.

According to this new rule, there will be something for the manufacturers as well. When they are manufacturing the vehicle, then these rules should be accorded to the right-horn vehicle. If one considers the Central Motor Vehicles Rules which have been made by the Indian Government, which comes under 1989, for this the noise limit for the horn has been fixed between 93 decibels (dB) and 112dB. The sound of more than this has gone into the category of a nuisance.

The need to make this rule has also been felt because, today, noise pollution is a big problem not only in most Indian cities but also around the world, and it creates many problems for the people as well as the animals living in the environment. 

Out of many states, there are some states that have brought many innovations and ideas to stop the sound system, which is also very effective. As we have seen, in some states, the police are now using sophisticated sound meters to measure the sound of the horn. Still working. It has been seen in this that if the horn of a vehicle is louder than the required limit, then the police issues challans which are also officially correct, but this system is not yet in the whole country, so it has been implemented in few places.

Also, if in terms of science, it also tries to understand the system of sound, then an excessive sound can be dangerous for our ears. which can impair our hearing. Hearing the sound of the horn too much can cause stress as well as cause anxiety attacks. Therefore, such new rules are also necessary to keep people physically healthy, and this rule should also be welcomed as admirable too. Similarly, we need to install a correct horns for car.

In this way, it was seen in this article that today’s traditional horns which are being used today are harmful in some way or the other. Instead, if we use instruments like tabla, flute, harmonium with the right decibels, it will be beneficial for everyone, as well as give a different identity to our culture. This new rule is very important for horns for bike.

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