An Overview of the Working of a VDI Workspace Solution and Differences with a DaaS Platform

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workspace refers to the hosting of suitable desktop environments on the remote centralized servers of companies. This is a type of desktop virtualization where a network of virtual machines operates certain business-oriented desktop image applications for enterprises. The virtual desktop applications process the data the end-users enter into the system and deliver the results to them via end-point terminals. These end-point terminals can be in the form of personal computers (PCs), tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

How do VDI workspace solutions operate?

In any virtual desktop infrastructure workspace solution, a hypervisor divides the companies’ host servers into segments known as virtual machines. The hypervisor is essentially a piece of software that creates, deploys, and manages all of these virtual machines. Each of the virtual machines maintains its specific desktop environment, which is similar to the ones found on physical computers. The companies’ end-users can access the virtual machines using their smartphones, laptops, computers, or tablets via a connection broker. This is a software gateway that regulates the data connectivity of the host servers and the end-users.

How does a VDI workspace solution differ from a DaaS platform?

Many companies often confuse the VDI workspace solution with a desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) platform. Both of these systems are similar and perform identical functions. However, they have the following key differences:

  • Tenancy architecture

A VDI workspace solution utilizes a single-tenant deployment model which is compatible with only one of the companies’ host servers. This allows the corporation to maintain full control over the server configurations. On the other hand, DaaS systems deploy multiple tenants on a single-host server.

  • Platform

The hosting and deployment of suitable VDI workspace solutions are on the companies’ own IT infrastructure. The enterprises’ specialists are responsible for the configuration and maintenance of servers within the network. Alternatively, DaaS deployment involves the outsourcing of server maintenance to reliable cloud-based vendors.

  • Capital cost

Companies incur a huge capital expenditure when they install a suitable VDI workspace solution for their businesses. The enterprises have to procure the relevant hardware and upgrade their data centers. In contrast, the companies do not incur any cash outflow when initially deploying a viable DaaS platform. They just have to make a subscription-based fee to the cloud-based service provider.

The benefits of installing and operating a suitable VDI workspace solution for companies are as follows:

  • Allows employees to obtain instant access to resources necessary for performing their duties,
  • Enables the enterprises to earn operating cost savings by eliminating subscription expenses,
  • Boost internal efficiency and productivity, and
  • Enhances data security by providing a centralized structure for accessing relevant information.

Installing and operating a suitable VDI workspace solution enables companies to allow their employees to perform their duties from any location. This allows the corporations to enhance their businesses’ internal productivity. However, setting up a VDI workspace solution from scratch is not an easy task for enterprises. They have to manage the necessary configuration, server upgrades, and licensing renewals themselves. It can turn out to be a costly affair for the companies. This is why enterprises should hire and consult a reliable service provider with adequate experience in VDI workspace deployment.

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