Podcasting in Digital Marketing: Tips & Tricks

When it comes to digital marketing techniques, there are many methods you can use. For example, to promote a real money casino site, you can work with affiliate sites and use an SEO strategy that complies with the rules of this industry. However, incorporating some techniques that most businesses skip into your digital marketing strategy will increase your success rate significantly. Podcasting is one of these techniques and when used properly, it will be possible to achieve quite impressive results. In this article, we talk about how podcasting can be used for digital marketing.

What is Podcasting?

In its simplest definition, a podcast is an audio file and is usually produced in a series. It is possible to listen to this audio file from all devices (desktop & mobile) and no program/application needs to be installed. You can think of podcasts as personal radio shows: they are produced by different people and talk about different topics. In this context, it is possible to compare them to “audio blog” pages. Podcasts are more common and popular than you might think: more than 60 million people listen to them every week in the United States alone. It is estimated that there are over 800,000 active podcasts worldwide. At a global level, podcasts reach over a hundred million people each week.

How Can Podcasting Help You?

Podcasts are an effective marketing method, first and foremost because of their follower count. There are other means of communication that can reach over a hundred million people weekly, of course, but podcast followers do this regularly and tend to listen to their preferred cast to the fullest. This creates an excellent opportunity to engage with potential customers first. Successful and well-known podcasters will be just as influential as influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It is also possible to say that the results obtained will be better and more monetized, as they establish more personal communication with their audience.

Podcasts can also be used as part of SEO techniques. You can add a backlink to a podcast you’ve published on iTunes. Moreover, there are many other reputable authorities that you can do this with: you can publish your podcast on reputable platforms such as Google Play, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and get backlinks from each.

Keyword selection is also important for podcasts. Episode titles and descriptions will contribute significantly to your SEO strategy as long as they contain the necessary keywords. This also applies to broadcast content: it is possible to add keywords to a podcast that lead listeners to a specific site. As might be expected, podcasts also play an important role in social media strategies. Promoting new episodes using your social media accounts will allow you to get more organic traffic and increase your brand recognition. Moreover, since it is a method that is not used by most people, it will attract more attention.

How to Use Ads in Podcasts

You can also use podcasts for direct advertising purposes. In other words, you don’t just have to use them to complement your SEO and social media strategies: podcasts can be used as a stand-alone advertising tool. In this option, the advertisement is broadcast during the show or read aloud by the host, just like in radio shows. The generally accepted practice is as follows:

  • Pre-Roll Phase: The advertisement is read just before it airs, and it is said who sponsored the show. This is the phase that is expected to last 10-15 seconds.
  • Mid-Roll Phase: This is the advertisement read in the middle of the podcast. Between 30-60 seconds is considered ideal.
  • Outro Phase: The ad is read as soon as the broadcast ends. It should last 10-15 seconds, just like the pre-roll phase.
  • Native Advertising: These are organic ads that are read directly by the host and can be used at any time of the broadcast. This is considered the most effective option.

Use Other Podcasts

Ideally, you should create your own podcasts and make them a part of your social media & SEO strategies, but you can also leverage well-known third-party podcasts with high follower counts. This is no different than working with other social media influencers. You sign an agreement with the broadcaster and ensure that your advertisement is voiced during the broadcast as explained above. This can be more effective than you think for increasing sales figures. A study of 300,000 listeners shows that 63% have purchased a product mentioned in a podcast they like. This is a much more satisfying figure compared to other social media influencers. However, you should not neglect to create your own podcast show to gain backlinks and increase your brand recognition. A podcast with the right keywords can get you organic traffic beyond your estimates. 

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