Encanto and Luca coloring pages: Let’s explore the vivid picture of the magical world!

Do you think: this summer, what have you planned for yourself, experiences with family or friends? If you are the type of person who likes to explore and experience magical worlds through pictures, then put coloring activities on your list of things to do this summer. Join your family and friends to join the coloring game, which is both a creative, relaxing space and an emotional connection with each other. This summer will be brilliant to explore together the magical new worlds that Disney has just launched. Those are Encanto and Luca coloring sheets. I hope the magical world in Encanto and Luca’s adventure to explore the land will bring you and the children exciting experiences this summer.

Encanto coloring pages: That is The magical world of Encanto.

In late 2021 and early 2022, Disney launched a blockbuster cartoon that caused “storms” throughout cinemas. A movie invested in excellent visuals and sound has captivated adults and children. Wonderland Encanto tells the story of the magical Madrigal family that is fairy-tale, fun, and profound with hot soundtrack songs. It is a heartwarming movie about family love. The cartoon’s main character is Mirabel – a kind, lovely girl born into the Madrigal family who possesses magic. However, Mirabel is the only child without special abilities. Although she is always brave and loves her family, Mirabel also has times of heartbreak. However, the events that ensue lead to the Madrigal family’s magical energies being in jeopardy. At this moment, it seemed that Mirabel was the last rays of hope. Unlike the usual cartoons, Encanto has no villains. The contradictions and problems in the movie are deeply rooted in the family’s toxic expectations, making the audience immediately sympathize and reassure the work. However, Encanto is still operating with a cheerful, bright, and warm atmosphere, suitable for children and adults. Each character in the great Madrigal family has their own story, personality, and feelings. If Mirabel grew up as a “black sheep” who failed because she didn’t have magic, Luisa was pressured to shoulder everything for her family and juniors. Isabela – the beautiful, seemingly perfect girl of the family, also has to live with the responsibilities and expectations of the family. Aunt Pepa, who can change the weather according to her emotions, has always had to suppress her feelings as they concern her.

Printable Encanto coloring sheets

The movie Encanto is a movie with vivid scenes. We were fascinated by the images depicting the characters and scenes in the movie. With Encanto colouring sheets, children, in addition to imagining mystical, magical worlds, can learn to remember detailed scenes and create a variety of mixed colours. I’ve found that for Encanto colouring pages to look their best and come to life, it’s a good idea to create colours that are a combination of two or more different colours because the colours in the cartoon are portrayed very differently. Not only did they use obvious colours like red, blue, black, etc., but it was a combination of red and blue to create a brownish-green with a red glow. Or another colour is Mirabel’s hair colour, lots of black and brown. I find these printable Encanto colouring sheets quite enjoyable for kids or anyone who wants to learn and get acquainted with colour combinations. Which character do you like, Mirabel, Isabela, or Luisa? Use the Encanto colouring sheets to colour the character if you love them. The Encanto colouring pages depict characters from the film and include pictures of Mirabel’s landscape, living space, and house. Imagine that cheerful colours make for beautiful pictures.

Luca coloring pages: Dare to step out of your safe area.

Luca is a cartoon highly appreciated by international critics when it has just been released. Disney filmmakers continue to showcase the beautiful country of Italy with a cute and fun story inspired by the country’s folk tales. Luca is a sea monster boy with happy family life. One day while herding cattle, he accidentally met Alberto – another sea monster but lives on land. His mother told him not to rise to the surface and set foot on land, Luca was a little hesitant, but Luca took steps because of his new friend’s enthusiasm and the world’s novelty on the water. Like Encanto, Luca is a movie that will please adults and children. The plot of the cartoon is both cute and funny. The cartoon’s story is very simple, everything happens naturally, and there are few climaxes. Still, the characters’ innocence, dream, and beautiful friendship make Luca more attractive and worth watching. Luca’s story is sure to satisfy all audiences because it has all the elements of adventure, competition, humour, touching, and is imbued with meaningful lessons. The cartoon is easy to watch, and the colours in the cartoons are very vibrant, so the movie-watching experience is exceptionally comfortable, stress-relieving, and entertaining. Another interesting point that Luca brings to the audience is the image of a beautiful Italian seaside town. The most prominent features of this country’s culture, cuisine, and people are introduced in a very subtle, natural, and exciting way. The cartoon also reminds everyone to dare to step out of their comfort zone to discover new and exciting things ahead.

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Printable Luca coloring sheets

Through the fun and attractive images of the cartoon, Luca’s colouring pages will be a picture of the adventure that is waiting for the children to discover. How do you want to colour the image of beautiful Italy? And how colourful do you want the sea world to be in your eyes? Those images will be drawn most realistically and vividly. You creatively colour the world through paintings to be more beautiful and vivid. Luca colouring sheets will turn your summer and children’s summer into meaningful images. That is also your creative picture of summer. The painting develops creativity and sensitive thinking and helps you and your children enter the magical world of imagination, living in the miracles that Disney has brought. Let’s transform into cartoon characters like Encanto and Luca to give yourself exciting experiences.


We have a lot of colouring pages waiting for you to explore this summer. Not only Encanto and Luca colouring pages, but we have many cartoon characters waiting for you to learn. Colouring is a helpful activity that helps us add creativity, imagination about things, or the world of miracles. Living with the images of Disney animated movies is the most exciting thing. We hope that you and your children will build their magical worlds through our colouring pages. And if you like it, please collect a lot of colouring pictures with different themes here: Your support and love are the motivation to develop perfect products.

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