Eugene Bernshtam – Delve into The World of Abstract Art

Abstract art is widely popular because it has a dual purpose both for the viewer and the artist. Many individuals like to collect abstract paintings to make their surroundings beautiful as a long-term investment or update their lives with contemporary paintings or art. They feel a deep connection with the texture, form, color, and energy that the artwork emits. This art changes the living space and gives you an atmosphere that you would like to live in.

Eugene Bernshtam – How does abstract art add value to the artist

Eugene Bernshtam lives in the USA and is fond of art. The artist who creates abstract art uses their imagination to express a creative emotion or energy. The painting or artwork is often considered meditative and therapy for several abstract artists. This is true, especially in today’s fast-paced world.

Departure from reality 

Abstract art covers several spectra of paintings. There is a common understanding that this art does not depict anything present in the world, and the subject is just a sort of visual form and color. It does not represent anything, and “abstract” implies a departure from reality. However, at times, this departure can be light, and in turn, you will find paintings with figures, landscapes, etc., that can fall into abstract art. And abstract art surely has an appeal of its own.

Its beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder 

When it comes to the viewer, the beauty of this art is that anyone can depict it in the way they want to. Now, this holds for any art; however, it is the creative mind at work in the case of abstract art. It is free to roam and express the imagination in every possible way. The interpretation of this art is the same. The viewer can look at the artwork and interpret it how they see it.

Freely resonates with emotions 

It is a non-traditional form of free art that resonates with the viewer’s emotions. This is why it is so prevalent in the art world today and continues to be in high demand. It also is an area of fascination for art collectors and contemporary artists.

Even at the visceral and metaphysical levels, this art form satisfies people. Unlike the other forms of artwork, this type of art challenges the viewer to think deeply. Some paintings even have upset the viewer and call for action. For instance, art depicts a message about environmental pollution or animal abuse.

According to Eugene Bernshtam, many people are so fond of abstract art that they love to decorate their walls. There is a massive demand for abstract art paintings across the globe. They are also regulars at art galleries and museums. One painting can invoke different emotions and feelings from other people. They do not have a defined or clear-cut message. This is why several artists are keen to learn and practice abstract art to freely express their emotions through color, texture, and theme with success!

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