Everything to know about Faith-based recovery programs

Addiction is a disorder that affects both the behavior and the brain of an individual. When you are addicted to something like drugs, it becomes difficult to stop yourself from consuming them, even when you know how dangerous they are. Moreover, the less time you take to get a treatment for the drug addiction, the more you are able to protect yourself from the very serious kind of repercussions. It’s not just about cocaine, heroin, or other kinds of illegal narcotics when it comes to drug addiction. Nicotine, sleep, alcohol, and anti-anxiety drugs, along with other legal substances can all lead to addiction. Prescription or fraudulently acquired narcotic pain drugs, generally known as opioids, can lead to addiction.

Christian rehab centers have something so unique and different, which are exceptional ways in treating addiction. 

However, Faith-based recovery programs, on the other hand, are not always as well-known or marketed as secular programs.

What are Faith-based recovery programs?

Faith-based recovery program helps those that are involved in addiction to alcohol and drugs. This would involve a very brief approach that will be based on psychological, biological, spiritual, social models in treating addiction. As per the evidence-based on thorough research, it has been concluded that spirituality plays a huge role in accelerating the transformational change which is required for anyone to remain sober for a long time. 

What does it include? 

It includes a Christian or biblical approach in treating all sorts of addictions that are based on the spiritual principles given in the holy book of Christianity, “The Bible”. Henceforth, it aims to approach and invite people struggling with the same to explore the power of transformation to see a new identity, which is all found through the lessons of Christ and his experiences. 

How does it perform? 

They contain a huge team with highly experienced spiritual leaders, clinicians, and even support staff. Moreover, apart from guiding them in this transformative journey, they also help the clients or people with addiction issues to develop a whole network of community. This community can help to find resources or with resources. Also, the experienced professionals help in building the connection with faith of their own. 

Services offered by Faith-based recovery programs

Partial Hospitalization Program

In partial hospitalization program, it provides a well-organized as well as a structured environment for all the patients that have attended a residential treatment or detox. Moreover, its main focus is to eliminate and work on post-withdrawal symptoms education and management, which are post-acute. This conventional program revolves around themes like providing coping strategies in order to deal with physical discomfort, anxiety, urge the administration, and cravings. Also, a curriculum is provided, that is created based on evidence. In this curriculum, the education part is used to help the people in learning more about the withdrawal process’s emotional, physical, and mental side effects. 

Intensive Outpatient Program 

This is a program in which the main focus is to provide support and help to those people who had attended a residential or partial program recently and require support in their day-to-day lives. Also, this program’s primary focus is to help the patients or clients in developing as independent in society. Moreover, it comprises a long-term plan for being sober continuously even after the treatment is completed and for sustainable mental health maintenance. The clients go for several different types of group and individual therapy sessions. These sessions include assistance in restoring and improving social skills, practical life management skills, independent living skills, to provide the best kind of support in terms of physical, psychological, and social health. 

Faith-based Intensive Outpatient Program 

A program that focuses on providing help to clients who previously had attended some program for addiction treatment, which could be partial or full, and now are looking for spiritual support specifically in their lives. Its main goal and focus are to help all its clients in establishing re-connection with God, also to help them in experiencing a spiritual kind of transformation. They do this by exposing them to the power of forgiveness, grace, and hope. To do so, the clients are made to attend various individual and group sessions which are a combination of different activities. All of this helps them to establish a new independent life in society by being themselves.

Individualized Therapeutic Treatment 

 Faith-based recovery programs are designed to provide the evidence-based, individualized, comprehensive type of treatment to all people are seeking recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. They know that addiction is something that doesn’t fit everyone in a single chart, so it can’t be even treated, in bulk. The reason is that no two individuals’ experiences are the same, neither are their histories and therefore, even the recovery process can’t be the same in such cases. Therefore, they aim to create and service a program that is created for a particular individual based on their goals, diagnosis, and history. Weekly meetings are being organized with the client to create a treatment plan for them. 

MAT – Medication-Assisted Treatment 

Methadone, Vivitrol, and Suboxone are examples of drugs used in Medication-Assisted Treatment or MAT. This type of program has proven to be incredibly effective and is one of the most important treatments for people that are addicted to alcohol, opioids, or other substances. It offers a patient-centered, tailored MAT program to help speed up the recovery process and is frequently used in the treatment of the early stages of recovery. However, certain alcoholics and drug addicts might choose to use MAT in the future as a supplement to long-term recovery success.

These were some of the most common and important programs that are offered by Faith-based recovery programs. Moreover, even after not being so used for recovery purposes, still serves to be the most effective and long-term results providing services. The use of faith and hope in this process makes the healing journey fast and easy. Therefore, if you or your loved one is going through situations that you don’t want them to go through, then do join this program. 

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