How thesis proofreading can improve your writing?

A thesis checker is helpful throughout the writing of the latter. The corrector will examine the turn of your sentences, the spelling, the typos and, of course, the choice of words. This is the reason why you must call on a third party to correct your thesis. The thesis designates research work that a student must support before one or more jurors in the academic sense.

Thesis vs. dissertation

At first glance, we must not confuse the dissertation and the thesis. The undergraduate report often appears as a detailed mission report or a presentation recapitulating the essential points of a topic of theoretical reflection. The Master’s thesis will establish the critical dimension of any research work. The thesis inscribes its author in a professional research process and supplements the skills thus acquired.

Thesis proofreading can also proofread a thesis. Which means improving the language and academic tone of your work?

The thesis must be as powerful and precise as possible. Unlike the dissertation, the thesis is long and has between 200 and 400 pages. While the brief will be only a hundred pages long.

Why is a thesis corrector essential?

For your thesis to be impeccable, it must go through a corrector. Indeed, another look can bring an optimal improvement to your work.

Orthotypography: that which relates to spelling and typography

When correcting your thesis, It is advised you proceed in stages. And the first and most dangerous is undoubtedly that of orthotypography.

You must check the spelling of the words and the correct use of the typography. Regarding typography, some doctoral schools provide a manual of typographic conventions to be respected (use of upper case letters, lower case letters, italics, quotes, punctuation, etc.

If this is not the case, you can refer to the typographical code of the Imprimerie Nationale. Anyway, the rule is to standardize everything. Set yourself a convention and do not change it during the drafting.

Proper names: authors cited, experts met, artists, historical figures 

Proofreading Service devoted to the detection of typos in the spelling of proper names. Nothing worse than scratching the name of a member of the jury present during your lousy writing. This is the assured loss of credibility. It’s long, tedious, but verification time is essential. Footnotes and bibliography should be given your full attention when editing.

This is often where many errors lie. One technique to save time with names underlined by Word, add them to your dictionary. You will more easily detect characters that remain underlined and variant spellings for the same proper name. Use the function ” hiding somewhere in your 350 pages by activating the “Search” of Word. In a second, the error is flushed out. Check the names as you write. You will save a lot of time at the end of the writing.

Footnotes: punctuation, Latin phrases, proper nouns, pagination

The footnotes of your thesis should be carefully proofread. Several points need to be verified. Again, this is where you cite your references, so the names of the authors. Latin expressions should be italicized with abbreviated dots.

Punctuation also responds to conventions and rules. Poor punctuation and your references will be not only stodgy but also incomprehensible.

And remember, a quote without specific sources is worthless. So, remember to write everything down as you go. We are in a scientific, academic written work. The approximation is not tolerated. You will be forgiven for a few typos, but not for apparent negligence.

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