How to Personalize Gallery Wall

There are numerous ways to decorate your home or office or any other place.  When we talk about different ways to make your walls look all the more adorable and stylish, one of the best ways is to use wall posters or paintings.  Compared to wall paintings, posters are cheaper.  But the price is not the only factor that encourages people to use wall posters.  If you need a poster for your office or study room, you probably need quotes.  Try finding quotes you like or related to your business vision and mission statements.  Not only does this make your office look beautiful but it will also help your employees feel better and help them stay motivated.  You can use a wall poster at the entrance of your office with a great motivational quote.  Everyone entering the office will read the quote and it will help change their mood and feelings.

Both the exterior and interior decoration give a lot of messages about the family.  The décor of the house should connect with the residents personally.  The happiness of the family is proportional to the surroundings.  So, decorate your home with things that reflect the nature of the family. Here are a few details on how to renovate a wall decor: First, locate the wall to be decorated.  Note the physical parameters of the wall.  Then skip to the following steps.

Step 1: Find the wall decor items you already have in your home.  These can be family photos, monogram letters, wall accents, personal artwork, frame mirrors, three dimensional pictures.  Personalize the maximum amount of space.  Consider the preferences of family members, the texture of the wall, the colour of the walls.  Pieces of the decor should match the surrounding.

Monogram characters and cartoon themes are ideal for kids decker.  In the living room you can create a wall decor using photo frames, wall mirrors and clocks of various sizes.  For bedroom wall decor, use personal photos and paintings bearing your signature.

Step 2: Arrange the following things.  Butcher paper, according to the wall measurements. 

Painter tape, Pencil, Scissors 

Step 3: Find a spacious room, where you can easily spread the butcher’s paper to work. 

Step 4: Draw a wall decor layout on butcher paper to avoid unnecessary nails on the wall.  Accordingly, identify the decor items on paper.  Mark them using a pencil to prepare a template.  Pens and markers should be avoided to get rid of any confusion.

 Ideal Configuration: Keep the big things away from the center and fill the voids with the small ones.  This creates a great wall decor configuration.

Step 5: Cut out the templates and adhere them to the wall using painter tape.  Make sure everything is in line.  Check for any incorrect configuration.  If you think it looks good, go to the next step.  If you are not satisfied, follow the fourth step, now that you can imagine how bad it would be if we did the same without a template.

Step 6: After finalizing the configuration, the templates should be replaced with the corresponding decor pieces.  Start this process carefully otherwise it creates a messy environment.

 If you want to change the wall decor frequently, look for abstract painting .  Try mixing wall storage units and clocks with some functional items such as accent pieces to add value to the wall. Add canvas art paintings from popular international store.

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