Is it advisable to wear diamond bracelets every day?

The plain and simple answer is NO. It is not advisable and neither is it a good idea. There are mainly two important reasons: it is bad for you and it is bad for the jewellery itself. Let us dive into the topic and know more about why diamond bracelets are not everyday jewellery.

  • They’re precious.

Come on people, we’re talking about diamonds here; they are precious. They are an investment. Would you really want to be flaunting your investments so openly every day? We think not. Since you have spent a fortune on them, you’d want to preserve them better. Plus it’s a literally an open invitation to robbers. One couldn’t possibly feel safe wearing such an expensive and sparkly piece of jewellery that will be so easily noticed. You’d be conscious all the time and where’s the fun in that?

  • It could damage the bracelets.

Wearing a Diamond Tennis Bracelet London daily will mean that it comes into contact with all the dust, oil and grime from your skin. Moreover, cleaning and cooking ingredients might also get splashed on your precious bracelet while working at home. All of these will end up as an accumulated layer of products on the diamond making it lose its shine. The metal may also become dull after a while.

  • It could scratch your skin.

You shouldn’t be wearing a diamond bracelet while sleeping for obvious reasons. You could scratch yourself in sleep. The cuts of the diamonds or the metal edges could rub against your skin causing irritation, bruises and cuts.

  • It could ruin your fabrics.

Wearing it constantly will eventually make you become very casual about it. It might get stuck in your dress or the towels, curtains, bedsheets, quilts and what not, ruining both, the fabric of your upholstery as well as the bracelet itself.

  • Discolouration

Coming in contact with bleach and other chemicals during daily chores may cause the diamonds to have some amount of discolouration. White diamonds may turn yellow and coloured will develop spots, ruining it beyond repair.

  • Band breakage

Pressure due to some activity in your daily routine might cause the band to break. Also, sweat has a lot of acids and may disintegrate the bracelet or make it lose its colour slowly.

  • Skin problems

Some people have really sensitive skin and constant abrasion on it due to the bracelet may cause rashes, infections or aggravate any skin condition they might have.

  • Kid-Unfriendly

If you have small kids that you look after every single day, then we don’t need to tell you it’s a terrible idea. Kids and precious items never go well.

These are way too many reasons for your precious little bundle of sparkles to stay safe in the drawer until there’s a special occasion. Diamonds are priceless, exquisite and absolutely gorgeous and something like that needs super special treatment. Wear it for parties and outings and anytime you feel like dressing up. For everyday use, you can always opt for plain metal or beaded bracelets. Charm bracelets are lovely for daily use as well, especially when they match your Wedding Rings Hatton Garden.

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