Most Common Problems With Your Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool is generally a well trusted name in the field of appliances and they have been in Business since the year 1911, by making Washing Machines. By the year 1955, the company expanded its business to virtually each and every single household appliance, including the refrigerators and after that, they have been widely regarded as one of the best household appliances brands for nearly a period of 70 years.

According to US News, Whirlpool Refrigerators are the 3rd rated and listed refrigerators that are the choice and the preference of the Consumers. If you are looking to buy Whirlpool refrigerators online then visit Bajaj EMI Store for better deals.

The company has a very big name and it provides multiple household appliances. The consumer base of the company is also quite high and due to this, it is one of the best performing companies in terms of sales of Household Items. Despite the fact that Whirlpool sells various products, it is not difficult to say that they do not face issues during operations.

There are various issues that are reported by the consumers for the non-functioning of the Refrigerators. The appliances tend to break and haul from time to time and mentioned below are the key issues that are faced in the Refrigerators.

The Refrigerator makes lots of Noise:

It is one of the most common issues and problems that are faced by the consumers and it is that the Refrigerator is making a loud noise. This can create a lot of problems for the users.

One of the main reasons behind the noise is that the fan blade is either broken or it is obstructed. It is usually the primary reason for the noise that can be heard from the Refrigerator. This noise is more if the doors are opened.

The servicemen are required to replace or repair the fans and the blades. Another reason for the loud noise is that the evaporator fan motor is failing. When this happens, there is quite a lot of noise and this has to be replaced completely. Another reason for the loud noise is that the condenser fan motor is defective and it needs to be opened to replace the fan motor so that it does not create lots of noise.

One more reason for the loud noise is that the Water inlet valve of the Refrigerator is clogged and it could be due to mineral deposits in the water inlet valve. If the occurrence stills occurs then the last remaining option is purchase a new refrigerator from Bajaj EMI Store.

Refrigerator is not Cooling:

One of the key problems in the Whirlpool Refrigerators is that it is not cooling properly. There are multiple reasons behind the issue of non-cooling. Few of the issues are stated as below:

Dirty Condenser Coils: 

The coils of the condenser are dirty and they don’t dissipate the heat. This can be easily changed and looked after. It is necessary for the Refrigerator that the heat passes regularly and without any major issue.

Fan Motor of Condenser is Out:

Another reason that leads to non-cooling of the Refrigerator is the Fan Motor of the Condenser is out. This pulls the air over the coils over the compressor.  This situation can be easily treated as it can be taken out and can be replaced by a new one.

Temperature Board is Down:

Another reason that leads to non-cooling of the Refrigerator is that the temperature board is not working and it is down. This provides power to the compressor and the fan motors.  It usually does not break, but it can be easily repaired by the service men.

Thermostat is not working:

Another reason is that the thermostat of the Refrigerator is not working. It monitors the temperature in the Fridge and automatically cools whenever required. It can be changed.

The Water Dispenser is not Working:

One of the other issues that are faced by the Whirlpool Refrigerators is that the Water Dispenser is not working properly due to which there is excess leakage of water from the Freezer.

  • There are multiple reasons behind this issue and few of which are that the water inlet valve is not opening, this could be due to less water pressure or it can also be due to the defective valve. The valve needs at least 20psi. One reason for the non-working of the water dispenser is that its switch is faulty and it can also be replaced.

The issue can also be caused due to non-functioning of the door switch. If the door of the Fridge is open, then the water and ice dispenser does not work. If the door switch does not recognize if the door is closed or open, then it will not function properly. Another reason for the water dispenser to be not working is that the water filter might be clogged.  This can be taken care of by replacing the water filter every six months. This can be easily done by the consumers only and it does not require any servicemen.

The Freezer is not Defrosting:  

Another reason behind the multiple issues that are being faced by the consumers is that the freezer is not defrosting. It could be due to non-working of the defrost heater. It is one of the key reasons due to which the defrost doesn’t work.

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 Another reason for the non-working of the defrost is that the thermostat of the defrost is broken. The thermostat measures the temperature of the evaporator coils and when it gets too cold, then the thermostat will turn the defrost on. If the thermostat is broken, the heater won’t come on. The defrost can stop working due to the non-functioning of the control board. If the board is not on, then the defrost won’t work and it would melt all the ice that is stored in the Refrigerator. One of the other reasons for this condition is that the defrost timer is out. The timer is used for setting the evaporator coils to defrost automatically, but if it stops working, then the burden is put on the defrost thermostat.

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