Most Trending Types Of Indian Handicrafts

Hands make potter inflicts a decorative pattern on earthenware

Our Indian history is full of different types of Indian handicrafts. India is famous for its brand name in the handicraft that it sells. The artists of India who work in this field create very unique and aesthetic types of products. These products are cherished by the locals as well as the people who live abroad. The people living outside India are a fan of Indian handicrafts. In our country, the culture and customs have a very strong base. People visiting India are always attracted to the handicrafts that we serve.

Such handicrafts are not available in any part of the world. Only Indian artisans have the power to create such impeccable things. A lot of people belonging to rural India are still dependent on their livelihood from such employment programmes. The Indian handicrafts are now available for sourcing from India. There are a lot of influencers who decide outside India and their love Indian handicrafts. They get their products sourced through certain agencies from the Indian market. 

Let us know about different types of trending Indian handicrafts in retail, have a look:- 

Pashmina shawls

The first and foremost type of handicrafts that India is famous for are pashmina shawls. These shawls are created with a fine type material named Pashmina which is very warm wool. These shawls are not available in any part of the world. The best part about Pashmina shawls is that it keeps the person very warm. It is said that a Pashmina shawl is created in 180 hours. The dedication and beauty can be seen through the outcome of such efforts.Pashmina shawls are women’s favourite not only in India but all over the world. 

Pottery form

The second famous Indian handicraft is pottery. Pottery is completely organic and retains its original form. It is created by hands and is a very sensual form of art. There are different designs of pottery and one can also customise their design. It can be transformed into N number of shapes. The potters of India still carry a very special position. They are known for their art all over the world. Pottery is very close to Indian culture. 


The jute is a type of Indian handicraft that has created its landmark in the whole world. India is known for its jute quality almost in every country. The material jute can be transformed into a variety of things like office bags, carry bags, wall hangings and much more. In a nutshell, it can be used for various purposes and because of this reason its demand is never-ending. Jute makes a rich statement as it is a fine material.
So, these are the most trending types of Indian handicrafts that people still love these days. You can also purchase Indian handicrafts wholesale. You can choose your favourite type of handicrafts and it will reach your doorstep through the exporter company that works with the Indian handicraft companies. The richest and most varied heritage of India is because of its handicrafts.

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