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Interior design styles that are perfect for your small home

There are multiple interior design styles that you can employ. However, when it comes to small homes where storage is a necessity and it’s not easy to put in multiple furniture and décor items, the interior design that can be used becomes a little restricted. However, we have compiled a list of design ideas and styles that you can employ to have the home of your dreams, even if it’s smaller than normal homes. No matter the size of your home, security is the most important thing and it’s always better to be safe. Using burglar alarms can make your home feel like a safer place. To get them installed by professionals, click here.

Use multi-functional furniture

One of the best ways to save space while ensuring that you get the furniture and décor in styles you like is by using multi-functional furniture. Not only is it practical, but it can be so creative to use! Going for interior design styles like minimalism is the easy route to choose as minimalism is based on the concept of functionality, clean spaces and balance- which is something that can make a space look and feel better, especially in a small home. Another design style that employs multi-functional furniture at its core is modern classics. These design styles pay attention to detail, making them perfect for a small home where details are easy to spot. 

Some examples of multi-functional furniture pieces are using the sofa bed if you have a studio apartment as it saves you the space for creating a bedroom and rather lets you have an open plan living room come bedroom. You can also use ottomans in place of a coffee table, as they can also be used for footrest and storage. 

Use vertical spaces

In a small home, every space is important. Utilising the vertical space of your walls becomes extremely important when trying to increase storage. If you like maximalism, a small home can look extremely crowded and hoarded. However, there are ways you can use to stop making your home feel cluttered and still employ the maximalist style. Use vertical spaces by wall mounting your shelves and technology. This will give you space to display things you love without creating clutter and making the space look messy and unorganized. Try to follow a balancing and symmetrical design when putting up the shelves. 

Alternatively, you can opt for built-in furniture to increase the storage space around your home to reduce open storage and make your place look more balanced. Built-in storage in other furniture items is also a clever way of increasing storage around your home. 

Shrink your furniture 

One of the easiest ways to have the interior design style of your choice while also keeping the increased storage around your space is by shirking your furniture. Using smaller beds, dining tables and other furniture pieces increases the functionality of the space while also ensuring that you are comfortable using the pieces. Shrinking your furniture can also double as wall mounting. For example, using foldable tables and chairs that can be folded back into the walls and increase space to move around. 

It’s also a good idea to have your plants and other such décor hanging from the walls rather than having them placed on the floors as they can reduce the space to move around. Using vertical storage shelves on your walls to put your plants on is also a clever way of saving on the space to display them

Use mirrors and windows

Big windows not only increase the sunlight in the room but also makes the room look more spacious and bright all the while making it look bigger than what it already is. Small spaces can often look way too messy and dark because of the amount of stuff that is present in them. However, sunlight can combat this. It has been tested that sunlight reduces stress and makes your mood brighter. You can also get skylights if your home does not have south-facing windows as skylights or roof windows provide direct sunlight for hours. 

Using mirrors is also a clever way of making your home brighter. Use them on the wall opposite the windows and they will make the light bounce through your home, making the place look brighter. Mirrors also increase the illusion of having a bigger space so placing them around your home will make the place look bigger than it is. 

Be Yourself

One of the best ways to decorate your space and employ interior design styles that suit your personality is by being yourself. Go for décor and furniture that make you happy, no matter the design style or colours. Mix and match interior design styles to achieve the look you like. 

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