Range of Benefits Offered by Automated Guided Vehicles

The present time is witnessing a range of advancements in all sectors – logistics being one of them. There is hardly any existence of commonplace automation in the industries as we notice flexible automation take over. Why so? Traditional automation has become futile in its attempt to provide a smooth work mechanism. An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is the ultimate solution to all your issues as it is highly reliable.

It aids at resolving a goods-to-person transfer to complete an entire task in a 100% automated manner. When it comes to selecting the best automated guided vehicle manufacturers, Armstrong has endeavored to achieve one of the top-most positions.

Benefits of Choosing an Automated Guided Vehicle 

An automated guided vehicle can be of utmost help to an industry as it tends to save quite an enormous amount of time and money that they would have otherwise unnecessarily spent. Here are the advantages that automated guided vehicle manufacturers can provide you with:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles Eliminates Cost:

The foremost advantage of purchasing an automated guided vehicle is that it greatly curtails overall costs. Let us see how:

  1. Diminished Labour Costs: Whenever you contact one of the automated guided vehicle manufacturers, you are instantly considering the reduction in the overall labor costs. You are saving the salary of an existing employee or preventing the cost involved in a new hire. Additionally, you are saving money in healthcare benefits, human personnel, vacation, sick leaves, overtime pays, and more.
  2. Elimination of Appraisals and Incentives: Automated guided vehicles eliminate the cost incurred in yearly appraisals and incentives, vacation time, bonuses, and more.
  3. Prevents Deterioration of Equipment and Raises Workplace Safety: It is quite likely for any employee to become exhausted, especially if they have been working long hours. A small slip might permanently damage equipment or worse, put the employee’s physical safety at risk. An automated guided vehicle prevents all of it.
  • Prevents Dearth in Workforce:

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, there was immense growth in the warehousing and storage industries resulting in a massive employee surge. It has equally affected the logistics industry. The best way to overcome this hurdle is by purchasing automated guided vehicles or autonomous mobile robots. These will quickly escalate the return on investment and eliminate the need for skilled laborers.

  • Knocking Out Human Errors:

According to a study conducted by Amazon Web Services in 2017,  Standard & Poor’s (S&P) companies suffered from a blow of $150 million only because of human errors. An automated guided vehicle constantly stays attentive, resulting in no losses or mistakes. Armstrong has gained its name among the best automated guided vehicle manufacturers because of its promising quality. Therefore, to prevent any human error at your organization, opting for AGV is the ultimate solution.

  • Adds in Traceability and Inventory Management:

An automated guided vehicle integrates with Manufacturing Execution Systems or MES, Warehouse Management System or WMS, and Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP. All these processes aid in the smooth functioning of logistics operations. Companies don’t have to incur an abundant amount in manual inventory tracking.

  • Layout Flexibility:

When you are selecting an AGV from one of the automated guided vehicle manufacturers, the thought of a seamless workflow will instantly come to your mind. There can be innumerable deviations like added operations, quality checks, and more, in the middle of a particular work. The automated vehicle offers a liberated place for people to move around and also for forklifts.


The above points clearly state how shifting to an automated guided vehicle will result in an instant growth of your organization. Armstrong has continuously produced some of the most trusted AGVs for helping organizations attain utmost growth.

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