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Residential vs. Commercial Rental Income

People still believe that real estate or property investments are the safest of all the investment options accessible – for a good reason. With all the options of investment available today, like fixed deposits, gold, mutual funds, and even stocks, real estate stands out and remains the most trusted and reliable investment option.MYRE Capital can help you find the best investment income, especially commercial property rental yield.

Comparing real estate investments to other financial investments, the opportunity cost of real estate investment has always been advantageous. Real estate is less volatile compared to the stock market and reaps greater benefits. Nothing comes closer to the kind of profits one can gain over time. The real estate segment, particularly the commercial property rental yield, has withstood the test of time and continues to be an excellent investment segment for individuals with medium and low-risk inclinations.

Commercial property real estate is a tried and tested method of generating a substantial passive income stream, with the possibility to create significant wealth over the long run. Let’s look at why commercial property rental yield is higher than residential property rental yield.

Residential Property Investment for Rental Yield

The investors are largely motivated by the desire to earn a rental income from their investments in residential real estate holdings.

There are a variety of factors driving this trend, including the ease with which residential property can be acquired or constructed, the number of approvals required, the speed with which clearances are obtained, the relatively lower initial investment required, and the ease with which it can be resold. Furthermore,resi dential buildings are more likely than commercial properties to find renters sooner.

However, when MYRE Capital looked at actual yields on investment, we could see that rental yields from residential properties are significantly lower than those from commercial assets. You can expect a rental return of 2 percent per annum on average from residential properties.

Commercial Property Rental Yield

The most commonly available commercial properties consist of shops, warehouses, showrooms and many more. Compared to residential properties, these commercial property rental yields are much higher. You can expect a return of investment of more than 8 percent per annum when talking about commercial properties.

If you compare commercial property investments to residential property investments, you will find that the attractive rental returns more than make up for the high upfront costs of commercial property ownership.

Furthermore, commercial real estate appreciates at a quicker rate than residential real estate, making it a more attractive investment option. In addition, commercial real estate appreciates at a quicker rate than residential real estate, making it a more attractive investment option.

Commercial property lease or rent agreements are often for a long period, leaving little flexibility for frequent tenant changes or rent discussions. More so than residential investment, they have proven to be a reliable source of rental revenue.

Final Words

To summarize, if your budget is limited, you don’t want to maintain the property well over time, and frequent tenant turnover is not a concern for you, an investment in the residential real estate market is recommended.

On the other hand, if financing is not a barrier, commercial real estate investment will generate far higher and faster returns than residential property. Before putting your hard-earned money into a rental property business, you should analyze all the pros and cons of a property. We at MYRE Capital, specialize in providing the best investment opportunity for you. Therefore, visit our website for more information about real estate investment.

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