Your guide to Strep Throat

Sore throat can be caused by a range of factors. One such condition that can be responsible for your throat undergoing extreme discomfort is strep throat.

Caused by bacteria, strep throat is an infection that affects the throat as well the tonsils. To add on to the complications of this condition is the fact that it is contagious and can easily be passed from one person to another.

Since it is a bacterial infection, and not a viral one, strep throat requires proper treatment rather than waiting out.

It can also, albeit in rare cases, lead to further complications in the body. However, you should still exercise caution and visit your ENT specialist Lahore if you suspect your condition to be a case of strep throat.

Symptoms of Strep throat

The incubation period of group A streptococcus bacterium that causes this infection is 2 to 5 days, during which you may observe some symptom that include soreness in the throat, especially when swallowing.

Moreover, it also leads to headache, fever, chills, alongside swelling of the lymph nodes. Naturally, due to the distress one is under, appetite also decreases.

Strep throat also causes the presence of small red or purple spots in the mouth. It may also lead to redness at the back of the throat. In some cases, they may also appear white patches at the back of the throat. Bad breath is also a sign of strep throat.

The rarer symptoms of strep throat include muscular and joint aches alongside stiffness in the joints. It may even cause presence of rash on the chest. Strep throat can also lead to pain in the lymph nodes alongside nausea and vomiting.

Treatment of strep throat


Bacterial infections, unlike viral infections, do not resolve on their own. In order to remedy them, antibiotics need to be taken. Most often, antibiotics like penicillin, amoxicillin and erythromycin are prescribed for to treat the condition.

However, one must exercise caution when using antibiotics. Make sure that you take them only at the discretion of your doctor. You must complete the treatment regimen, and not leave it halfway, since that poses the risk of antibiotic resistance. In this condition, bacteria become strong enough that they are able to defy the pills, so you have to take higher strength of the pills then.

Moreover, you must take the antibiotics if you doctor has recommended as it also prevents the complications of strep throat, that include rheumatic fever etc. Timely and effective treatment also helps in preventing the spread of the infection.

Other medication

You can also take some over-the-counter pills to help with the management of the symptoms of strep throat. Since it causes aches and fever, you might have to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Similarly, to soothe the sore throat, you can also take throat sprays that are effective against the characteristic ache. Lozenges can also help provide relief against sore throat.

Home remedies

Alongside medication, home remedies can also help in improving the symptoms. Note, that they will not treat the infection, but just target the effects of the infection.

Since strep throat can lower appetite, make sure that you take plenty of fluids then, especially warm soups and broths. These have good nutrient content, so to help your body stay strong. Also watch what you eat; opt for soft foods instead, as otherwise, your throat will get further irritated.

Hot teas can also be effective. Honey, ginger, mint teas are some types that can help in soothing your throat. Similarly, saltwater gargles can also ease the pain in the throat.

Normally, an episode of strep throat lasts for 10 days, provided treatment is dispensed timely and no complications occur. However, to get better in time, you need to visit your ENT specialist in UHealth International Hospital in a timely fashion as well and follow their instructions to dot.

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