Sliding vs Hinged Door: Which Option is the Best for Your Home?

Sliding vs Hinged Door

While picking up a design for your door, you might get confused about which one would be more functional and appealing. Since each style has its own benefits and can offer unique aesthetic values, it is essential to consider all the factors before making a decision. 

One of the most common dilemmas you may face is whether you should get hinged or sliding doors. And while both are great options, they are pretty different from each other and offer entirely diverse experiences. 

Thus, to help you make an informed decision, it is crucial to know the difference between the two. So, let us talk about hinged and sliding doors to understand what makes them different from one another. 

What are Hinged Doors?

A hinged door consists of a single or double panel attached to the frame, usually with the help of two or three hinges. The number of hinges may increase if the door panel is bigger and the frame is wider. The hinge structure also decides if the doors will be in-swing or out-swing. 

Benefits of Hinged Doors:

Let’s have a look at the various benefits of hinged doors that will help you make a better choice: 

Entrance Without Limitations: 

One of the biggest advantages of getting hinged doors installed is that they offer you the ability to open the door panels fully. With wider and bigger doors, you can further increase the access space. This is an added benefit if there’s a lot of traffic moving through the door. 


Hinged doors come with a wide range of features, and they are all generally customisable. Whether you want the door handles to be bigger or a specific colour for the frame or hinges, you may get it customised. However, it is critical to note the material you have selected. 

These customisations are not possible with uPVC or wooden doors. For this, it is vital to install aluminium doors. These doors undergo TEXGUARD coating that enables these doors to retain the colour for 40 years. As a result, you can experiment with the colour without worrying about losing its quality or lustre. The same is true for aluminium sliding doors. 

A Traditional and Safe Choice: 

As mentioned before, hinged doors have been around for ages. This makes them a traditional option for many homeowners. However, aluminium French doors also complement the modern house and commercial spaces effortlessly. 

So, if you are someone who wants to play it safe, hinged doors would be a great pick. However, you can still experiment with the size, finish, and colour of your door to match the unique structure of your home. 

What are Sliding doors?

A sliding door, as the name suggests, is built on a track that can be gilded horizontally. You can increase the number of panels based on the spatial requirements. Moreover, since sliding doors glide on a track, they do not require any swing space. 

Sliding doors have become a popular choice owing to their sophisticated design coupled with sleek frames and maximum glass area. Typically, users install extensive sliding doors, like a floor-to-ceiling solution. As a result, these doors are a popular choice for the balcony, patio, etc. 

Benefits of Sliding Doors:

While hinged doors are widely used, there are quite a few benefits that sliding doors offer. Let us talk about them: 

Aesthetic Appeal

Sliding doors usually have glass panes which means they offer a minimalistic yet sophisticated look to your home. Other than this, these doors come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and finishes which means that you can pick the one that goes perfectly well with your house’s architecture.

However, to improve the aesthetic appeal of your sliding doors, it is essential to install aluminium doors. These doors have minimal sightlines and have maximum glass area to offer an unobstructed view. More importantly, aluminium is sturdy and lightweight, i.e., it can support large doors for facilitating security and ensuring seamless operation. 

Space Saver: 

Sliding doors open and close horizontally, thereby not taking any swing space. If the space requires you to install a door with an extensive opening and does not have any scope for swing space, you can select sliding doors. 

If the area is a little cramped and you aim to incorporate sliding doors’ functional and aesthetic features, you can go with folding doors. These doors emulate a concertina-like structure. Moreover, hinged doors are ideal for fenestrations with a compact breadth. 


Sliding doors can easily be equipped with a multi-locking system. These days, some leading door manufacturing companies like TOSTEM INDIA are offering sliding doors that come with crescent locks for enhanced security. 


Depending on the material you choose for your sliding door, it can be quite easy to maintain. Aluminium, being resistant to rust and corrosion, is a highly preferred material for sliding doors. TEXGUARD coating also enables the become dust resistant. 


Both sliding doors and hinged doors can be great picks based on your requirements. While sliding doors can offer a contemporary look and minimalistic design, hinged doors are more of a traditional option and provide an old-world yet modern charm. Since both of these designs offer functionality and aesthetic value, it is better to keep your personal preferences in mind while deciding. 

Get in touch with TOSTEM INDIA’s experienced window consultants to choose between hinged and sliding doors.

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