What Is Dual Citizenship And Citizenship By Investment?

Being a citizen of a country allows an individual to live legally in the country and enjoy the rights of being a citizen. Most people around the world hold the citizenship of one country. However, many individuals also have dual citizenship obtained through a long and complicated procedure. Dual citizenship is precisely what the name suggests; it means holding the citizenship of more than one country. The person who has dual citizenship is said to be a citizen of two countries simultaneously. These individuals get to share the citizenship rights and responsibilities of the two countries. Many people seek second citizenship while residing in their home country through investments and other measures. 

dual citizenship benefits

When talking legally, not every country offers dual citizens to residents of another nation. The rules and regulations of dual citizenship in countries may also vary. Dual citizens can enjoy certain benefits; for example, they can reside and work legally and freely in the countries they are citizens of. These individuals can also own property and houses in both nations, and they can also easily travel between the two countries. People can apply for dual citizenship if they meet the eligibility criteria. Though there are many advantages of having citizenship by investment, there are also a few disadvantages that come with it. 

Some of the demerits of holding citizenship by investment may consist of double taxation wherein a person must pay taxes to both countries. The procedure to apply for dual citizenship is also long and expensive. The laws of both countries also bind the individual who has dual citizenship. One might need to take some assistance when applying for dual citizenship as the process is complicated and time taking. With the aid of an immigration attorney and lawyer, one can apply for dual citizenship easily and without much trouble. 

Sometimes, dual citizenship is also achieved with a specialized legal process. For instance, if a foreign person marries a citizen of the United States, they will become eligible to apply for citizenship in the United States. In such a situation, dual citizenship can not be an automatic procedure, and it usually takes a long time. However, dual citizenship can be granted if the exact foreign national is a permanent resident in the same country for three years. They should also be living with their respective spouse for two years and meet other required eligibility guidelines. 

citizenship by investment 

Dual citizens will receive the citizen advantages and privileges offered by the country they belong to. They will have the right to legally vote in all the electoral races and even run for office. They will not have to apply for work permits as they will be free to work anywhere in the two countries. People can also apply for dual citizenship through investment. This is the procedure where a person obtains dual citizenship and a new passport by investing in the host country’s economy. This is one of the fastest ways to get citizenship status in the other desired country. 

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