Why Homeowners Should Copy Restaurant Owners

Planning to host friends? Want to create a peaceful retreat for your family? Want to create a private oasis? Believe it or not – you can address all these desires in your own home. With the right tools and a few smart design tricks, you can convert your home’s outdoor spaces into private retreats. How? We can learn from small-scale restaurant owners.

During the winter months, dining outside is a very uncomfortable process. Most of the time, restaurant owners cannot persuade their guests to occupy the outdoor dining spots. As a result, their indoor spaces are overcrowded, and their outdoor patios and dining spaces are left unoccupied.

Some savvy restaurant owners have resolved this issue by creating protective patio setups in their outdoor dining areas. They use high-quality patio curtains to shield their outdoor dining spaces from the cold, rain, and sun. Now, these spaces are accessible all throughout the year.

Hot scorching summers or super-chilly winters don’t deter diners from sitting in the patio spaces of restaurants. The protective curtains keep them safe from all weather-related risks. Homeowners can easily replicate this trick in their patio spaces by investing in high-quality curtains.

Why Do Homeowners Need Patio Curtains?

A patio curtain is an absolute necessity for homeowners who don’t want to get fried by the sun’s UV rays. Protective curtains help keep patio spaces warm during the winter. But, they also keep the UV sun rays out during hot summer days. These curtains aren’t like your regular indoor curtains – they’re designed to be used in outdoor conditions.

  • UV Protection: These curtains are typically made of UV-resistant vinyl fabrics. These fabrics are made to withstand the harsh UV rays from the sun. They prevent your patio furniture items from cracking or fading due to UV exposure. More importantly, when people are spending time in their patios, these UV-resistant curtains protect their skin from UV exposure. The UV-resistant outdoor curtains only allow 2% of the sun’s rays. That’s because vinyl is a light-blocking fabric. It offers a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) of 50%.
  • Weather Protection: Apart from being UV-resistant, vinyl is also a water-resistant material. That means all water that falls on these curtains rolls off. When it rains, the water-resistant curtains keep the patio spaces dry. Moisture buildup in patio furniture, cushions, etc., is also minimal, thanks to these protective curtains. While traditional drapery fabric always absorbs moisture, outdoor curtains are made of vinyl fabric that’s explicitly rated for the outdoors.
  • Privacy: The light-filtering nature of these curtains is amazing for privacy. Some brightness still comes through from these curtains. But, your outdoor living area becomes much more private and secure when you install these curtains. Installing outdoor curtains creates an environment that’s ideal for private, family gatherings.

An added perk of installing these curtains is that you can make your patio look extra stylish. Custom-printed outdoor curtains are incredible decorative elements that can instantly add personality to any patio space. Shoppers can find these curtains in a variety of styles, designs, colors, and patterns.

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